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Yes, Lord

James 2:20-24

Verse 21 Was not our father Abraham considered righteous for what he did when he offered his son Isaac on the altar?

We ended our time yesterday with the thought of needing to live a life that magnifies God and our need to know Him in order to do that.

Who knew God like Abraham did? They had been through a lot together! And through it all Abraham had come to trust God in a way that many of us don’t truly understand. To reach this level of trust takes following God when it doesn’t make sense. It also takes living a life of complete surrendered obedience.

Abraham wasn’t a perfect man and neither are we. He had his moments of fearing for himself and living outside of God’s will. He had moments where he trusted his wife’s plan to make God’s promise come true instead of trusting God to make it happen. But God called him friend because of the times that he followed without question.

Not only was Abraham considered God’s friend, our verse today says that he was considered righteous for his willingness to obey. This was not an easy thing for Abraham to do. He was being asked to do something that didn’t even fit with God’s character. Creator God doesn’t ask His people to kill their children for Him. And remember, this was the child that God had promised to Abraham and Sarah. How could a loving God ask such a hateful thing?

God wasn’t asking Abraham to do anything less than God, Himself, was willing and set to do. God also knew the end and that there would be no human sacrifice on that mountain. God wasn’t asking Abraham to sin, He was asking him to trust. Abraham knew this. If he had doubted God, he wouldn’t have been so sure in answering Isaac that God would provide the lamb.

Abraham knew he could trust God. He obeyed to show that faith. And when God provided, He provided in a way that stayed true to His character. The ram that was provided aligned with the specifications of a suitable sacrifice. It was caught by its horns so that the rest of it could be deemed injury free. Imagine the worship of God that Abraham and Isaac gave that day! God was magnified!

Making It Personal

What do you know about God’s character that helps you trust Him? When is a time you have obeyed in trust without knowing what would happen? When is a time in your life that you didn’t obey and how did that turn out?

Making It Personal Kids

Is it hard to obey when you don’t understand why you have to do what you are being told to do? What if it was Jesus telling you to do it? Why should you obey Jesus?

Closing Prayer

Father, thank You for being unchanging and trustworthy. Give us hearts that love You so much that we desire to obey You every time You direct us. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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