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2 Samuel 20:23-26

Verse 26  …and Ira the Jairite was David’s priest.


    Though David had taken Joab out of the head spot for a little bit following his disobedience regarding Absalom it didn’t take the commander to be back in charge of the army of Israel.  We saw in the final scenes of our reading yesterday where the lady had them throw Sheba’s head over to Joab.  This was a signal of Joab being seen as the head of David’s army.


    Now that David was back in his rightful place as king, he made sure his army was back in running shape.  To do that he needed to once again assess who was best for each position.  This time of setting up the army required him looking at the men and where they had stood with Absalom.  Anyone who had been loyal to the prince may not be willing to change their respect back to David.


    The list in today’s reading shows who David filled those spots with.  It is an eclectic group of men, they had different gift sets and talents which would benefit the army in the various ways it was needed.  They are also from different regions so it didn’t appear David was playing favorites.  David was wise in filling these positions before the men needed to take up their weaponry.  Now they were ready just in case a battle became necessary.


    It wasn’t just warriors who needed to know their position in the nation, the nation needed a new priest to oversee the spiritual battles of the people of God.  This was just as necessary if not more so than the physical warriors of the nation.  If the nation was going to follow God it would need the guidance of men who had been chosen by God and who were willing and capable to carry out their callings.


    David had come to a point in his life where he knew he couldn’t rely on just hoping he would make the best decision.  He needed spiritual guidance and knew the best way for him to gain that was to have a priest he could count on to help him with personal guidance.  As with any true spiritual leader this personal priest would have had a finger on the pulse of the king’s life and thoughts.  He would guide him in the basic needs of wisdom in his life because wrong choices in physical life often lead to bad places in our spiritual lives.


Making It Personal

    Do you have people in your life whom you go to no matter what it is that is going on?  How have they guided you in the past?  Are you that kind of friend to others?


Making It Personal Kids

    Who do you go to for help in making good decisions?  Why do you go to them?  Are you learning more about Jesus so you can give wise advice?


Closing Prayer

    Father, thank You for bringing people into our lives who can give us Your wisdom.  Please guide us in wisdom and prepare us to be able to help others in our lives to know Your wisdom too.  In Jesus’ name, amen.


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