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Party of Praise!

Psalm 145

Verse 10 All Your works praise You, Lord; Your faithful people extol You.

David continues his praise of the Lord and His works that are good but breaks from his list of God’s traits.

We had mentioned yesterday that David’s words weren’t a blanket promise from God and yet today he flips and does make an all-encompassing praise about the Lord. All God’s works praise Him. David says this with joy as he knows the wonderful works of the Lord. He has seen Him do exceedingly amazing things that could only bring Him praise.

Once David had stood in a valley looking up at the largest fool he had ever laid his eyes on. David alone seemed to be able to see the amazing thing God was willing to do if His people would just stand up in God’s name to the foolish giant. The big man was mocking God and David couldn’t stand it and instead of just sitting back – as the Israelite army was doing – and hoping God would do something to rescue His people, David talked to the king of God’s people stating he was willing to go fight God’s battle.

It wasn’t that God couldn’t strike down the Philistine with a single word, He wanted to show what God’s people had forgotten, that to stand up for God was to stand with God. David’s willingness to stand up to the giant in God’s name brought God’s power to slay the enemy. David hadn’t forgotten that moment and when he was praising God for His mighty works, David likely saw that whole scene play out in his mind yet another time. Of course David wasn’t the only one to praise God that unusual day. No, all God’s people rejoiced.

David says that the faithful people of God don’t just praise Him for His works, they extol Him. If you will remember from one of the early days of our study of this psalm, we said that to extol Him is to praise Him enthusiastically. This is important for us to think about because it is so easy to say we praise Him for something just because we say, “I praise You, Lord.” But to extol Him is to praise Him with gusto! It is to start a praise party of such to tell of His excellent greatness. Yes, to extol Him is to make Him known for the mighty things He does.

Making It Personal

When have you seen God work a mighty thing in your life? Did you privately praise Him for it? Who could benefit today from hearing the story of God’s mighty working in your life?

Making It Personal Kids

Have you ever seen Jesus do something amazing? Did you excitedly tell Him how wonderful you think He is? Who could you tell the story to so that someone else could know how powerful Jesus is?

Closing Prayer

Father, thank You for the things You do in our lives, both the big and small things. Help us to learn to praise You enthusiastically so that others can learn of Your mighty works. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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