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Pack it Up!

2 Samuel 15:13-16

Verse 13 A messenger came and told David, “The hearts of the people of Israel are with Absalom.”

Absalom’s plan seemed to be working and it wasn’t long before word came back to King David as to what his son was up to. Notice that the messenger didn’t say Absalom was setting up a revolt but rather made the people of Israel the focus of the problem. David had long enjoyed the love of God’s people, even years before becoming king but with this news he was learning he had lost the heart of God’s people.

While he was busy living his life with his newest wife and son, his other son was able to show his dad the lack of relationship they had, even following the meeting they had after Absalom returned to Jerusalem. David had agreed with his son but seemed to have done little to build a real relationship. He knew so little of his son’s dealings that he seemed unaware his son was trying to convince the people he should be able to be judge over their matters instead of the king.

That lack of relationship opened the door for Absalom to work at usurping the king’s authority. David didn’t want to fight his son and so figured the best way to deal with the situation was to take his loved ones and servants and get out of Jerusalem. David doesn’t even take a day to think about it, he knows if Absalom wants the throne he will stop at nothing to get it. He had proven the lengths he would go to get what he wanted by drawing Amnon into the trap of a celebration to kill him. The king knew if Absalom was willing to take his brother’s life because he was angry at him, there would be no one who would stop him from taking the king’s life.

David also seemed to want to keep the fighting out of the city of Jerusalem. This was to be God’s city, set apart for the capital of God’s nation and David knew it would not be good to allow a battle of father against son on the site which was to represent God’s love for HIs people to the surrounding nations. Even God’s wrath shown in the sacrifice of Jesus for our sin was done outside of the city of Jerusalem.

The king didn’t take the whole of his household though. He only took his wives, children, servants and men along with some of their families, David left behind 10 of his mistresses to care for the palace. This shows the value he placed on these women. They were nothing more than property left behind.

Making It Personal

What relationships have you not maintained which have led to problems in your life? Why didn’t you maintain those relationships? Are there relationships which you need to repair today?

Making It Personal Kids

Why is it important to keep relationships healthy? What are some things you can do to help keep relationships healthy? Who do you need to work on having a better relationship with?

Closing Prayer

Father, thank You for this reminder of the importance of maintaining proper relationships with each other. Give us wisdom on when and how to speak and act to benefit our relationships. In Jesus’ name, amen.


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