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Living Faith

James 2:14-26

Verse 26  As the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without deeds is dead.


    We come to the end of our week discussing faith and as we do we need to remember the relationship between faith and actions.  Each person listed in the faith chapter found in Hebrews 11 showed their faith through action.  For some they saw the results of their faith and for others they never saw the fruition of their faith.


    In our modern society we like instant results.  If we have to wait too long for a pot to boil we tend to hover over it as if that will increase the speed at which it heats.  Or we don’t bother making our own food and go out for dinner and complain if the waiter doesn’t bring our meal fast enough or that the drive thru is not fast enough.  And when our meal does come quickly we complain it is cold or undercooked.


    We tend to take the same approach to God and His timetable.  If we pray in faith, we seem to expect His response right away, but we may be missing what He wants to do in us in the meantime.  For example, if we pray for patience we expect Him to give us patience but the Father loves us and knows if He just gave it to us we won’t use it properly so He allows us to go through circumstances which give us opportunity to practice patience.  For patience to take root in us, we need to act in patient ways.


    Faith is the same way.  He doesn’t just give us faith because we asked for it, He gives us opportunities to practice it.  The opportunity may come in the form of a difficult coworker, a loss of employment, a change in relationship, or an unexpected car repair.  No matter how it comes, God wants us to face it with faith in His care and provision knowing He is ever faithful.


    To show our faith, we must step out into what God is leading us through.  Of course our stepping out doing things isn’t what gives us faith, it is the evidence of it.  If we aren’t doing good works as we act out our faith, it proves our faith is dead.  A person who does good from their heart of faith reveals the truth of our generous God.  If He is alive in us there will be deeds of faith in our lives.


Making It Personal

    Does your life reflect a faithful, generous God?  When have you stepped out in faith and watched Him keep His word?  What do you need to step out in faith about?


Making It Personal Kids

    Have you ever thought Jesus was taking too long answering your prayers?  Why does Jesus want you to have faith He will do as He says?  What kind of actions do you need to take to day to show you trust Jesus?


Closing Prayer

    Father, thank You for designing us with the ability to have faith and not just making us mindless robots.  Help us to have faith enough to step out when You ask us to where we can’t see how You are going to use our obedience.  In Jesus’ name, amen.


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