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Big God, Little Human

James 4:6-10

Verse 10 Humble yourselves before the Lord, and He will lift you up.

We talked yesterday about the importance of learning to hate our sin so that we can draw closer to God the way He desires us to. Following that James once again visits the point that we must humble ourselves before God and he adds something that may sound like an odd result of our humility.

After the reminder that we need to be seeing God as wholly holy so that we see the truth of sin and our sinfulness, we should be remembering that because of His holiness we should humble ourselves. If we take a moment to look closer at the above verse we will notice that this isn’t general humility as we have talked about previously, but instead is humility directed towards God the Father.

To purposefully go before God in humility may seem like something we all do but when was the last time we actually had the conscious thought before praying or worshiping that we are not even worthy of being in His presence? We don’t do that often, do we? Without giving it intentional thought we are likely to place God on a much lower level. In fact, while we don’t do it on purpose, we often think of God on a more human level.

Let’s take a minute and think of the majesty of God. By His very words everything in the world was created, except for humans which He crafted with His hands into His own image and then breathed the breath of life into. He revealed how important holy obedience is when He cast His beloved creations out of the garden He had created for them. He made a way for His people to escape the slavery they had been in. He writes with His own finger the law that He gave His people so they could remain in close relationship with Him. By the same voice He had called the world into being, He opened the earth and swallowed many disobedient children of Israel in the desert. He wanted this relationship with His people so badly that He sent His Son to die for the sin of breaking His law.

While the list could continue for the rest of time we could never list all the things that reveal His greatness. But this list alone shows us how much greater He is than we could ever be. Just seeing His being able to create the world by speaking should bring us to a place of humility. We are the created, He is the Creator. This is the God that says if we humble ourselves before Him, He will lift us up. This isn’t to say that He will make us equals, we could never be His equal, but He lifts us up to be honored in relationship with Him. Just as drawing close to Him will have Him drawing close to us, by humbling ourselves to Him, He will lift us up in closer relationship with Him.

Making It Personal

When was the last time you thought about the greatness of God? How does it change your image of Him to think of His majesty? Does this drive you to great humility?

Making It Personal Kids

How big do you think God is? What do you think is the greatest thing God has done? Does knowing God is so big make you feel small?

Closing Prayer

Father, You are mightier than we can even imagine. You deserve all of our praise and worship. You deserve our humility. Help us see ourselves in our proper place in our relationship with You. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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