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Building Blocks to Go Deeper

James 4:6-10

Verse 8a Come near to God and He will come near to you.

Yesterday we talked about submitting to God and how knowing Him should make us want to draw near to Him. Drawing near to Him should be important to each of us as Christians.

Drawing near to God is something we hear often but do we really learn how to do it? Maybe a better question is do we even want to draw closer to Him? It is so easy to go along and play at being a Christ follower. We may even be a serious follower but how close do we want to get to God? And do our lives show that level of desire?

One thing we know for sure, growing close to God doesn’t just happen in our lives. We have to be intentional about how we go about drawing near to Him. It may feel like work at the beginning but as it becomes a deeper relationship the sweetness will far outweigh the work.

Complacency is one of the main reasons there isn’t more growing closer to God in the Church. We are so satisfied with knowing we have salvation through the sacrifice of Christ that we easily claim that but we miss the blessedness of the relationship that is ours with Him. Often because we don’t want to make the effort to draw near to Him. Though it will require some work from us, if we love God like we say we do then we should want to put in the effort. Every relationship requires some work but if it is one we want to keep and flourish in, then we must tend to it regularly.

But how do we go about growing closer to God? First, we must make the decision that we want a real relationship with Him. Once the first step has been taken the other steps will take time to cultivate in our lives. We will need to be intentional about making time in our days for Bible study, prayer, and listening. Just as with any other relationship, studying about the person, talking with them and listening to them is important. These are the building blocks we need if we are going to draw close to God. Of course we need to remember that these steps work hand in hand with submitting to Him.

Drawing close to God is a process of growing deeper into the relationship but it isn’t a one-sided relationship. James is pointing out in our verse for today that if we draw near to Him, He will draw near to us. Isn’t that enough of an inspiration for us to draw near to Him?

Making It Personal

How intentional are you about building your relationship with God? How much time do you devote to the relationship? What is something you are willing to do today to increase the relationship?

Making It Personal Kids

Did you know that Jesus wants to be your closest friend? Do you want to be closer friends with Jesus? What are some ways you can build your relationship with Him?

Closing Prayer

Father, thank You for not only providing the way of salvation but desiring a relationship with us too. Help us desire a close relationship with You. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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