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I Love to Tell the Story!

Psalm 145

Verse 6 They tell of the power of Your awesome works— and I will proclaim Your great deeds.

We continue talking about how our children carry on the legacy of praise through what we have taught them and another way we need to help them feel comfortable so that they can continue to praise Him.

We talked a little yesterday about the need to share God’s wonderful works but it may be that we don’t focus enough on His works because we are so focused on ourselves and the things that we enjoy. There are so many things that the Lord does for us on a regular basis that it is possible that we take them for granted. Taking Him for granted isn’t something we want to do and so we need to examine ourselves and see where God is at work in our lives.

When we look at the various ways God works in our lives we have to acknowledge not only what He does on the outside but also what He is doing in us. It easy to proclaim His glory as seen in the sunrise or sunset but it is a whole other story when it comes to sharing about the conviction He has placed on our heart regarding a sin that has been hiding deep within. And it isn’t that we shouldn’t point Him out in the various ways He reveals Himself in nature but our praise can’t end there.

The work He does in our inner being seems so personal which makes it harder to share. Being vulnerable with others about what He is doing when His convicts us, may seem like too much to ask from us but if we don’t share then we are missing out on a big blessing. He has reasons for wanting us to be vulnerable with others, He wants them to find Him in their convictions too. When we share the way He is working in our hearts, others will see that they aren’t alone in fighting sin and that will help them know that none of us is perfect but there are those of us that are being redeemed.

When the Holy Spirit brings sins to mind that we need to deal with in ourselves it isn’t done to shame us but to help us remember that He desires us to be holy because He is holy. This gives us more reason to praise Him. If we weren’t convicted, we would not know the level of His care for us. The reason that He wants to convict us is that He loves us so much that He wants us to live like He desires. This alone should bring us to praise Him boldly out loud. One of His greatest deeds is dying for our sins and another is His conviction to draw us away from our sins.

Making It Personal

Have you ever shared with someone how the Spirit was convicting you? Has a friend ever shared their conviction with you? How could sharing your convictions help you grow spiritually?

Making It Personal Kids

Has Jesus ever made you sad because of sin in your life? Have you told anyone about it? How could telling someone else about the sin in your life help you grow closer to Jesus?

Closing Prayer

Father, thank You for loving us so much that You point out the sins in our lives so we can address them. Help us share with others how You are purifying our lives from the sins that would so easily entrap us and that He will do the same for them. In Jesus’ name, amen.


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