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Chosen for Safety

Genesis 6:5-10

Verse 8 But Noah found favor in the eyes of the Lord.

Our passage today is one of the more vague hints to the work of Jesus as the redeemer. It is a hint because it isn’t a direct prophecy about Him but is a glimpse to the lengths God is willing to go to save His chosen people.

The sin of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden set evil in motion and it wasn’t long before it was running rampant. The first family felt the pain as the first murder was committed by one son against another. Brought on by selfishness and hate the sin of mankind continued to flourish until there was evil on everyone’s mind continuously (Genesis 6:5). While our society is increasingly evil, we are nowhere near the level of evil that Noah knew. Imagine a world where no one did anything kind towards another.

Our key verse from the passage today speaks of God showing His favor towards one man, Noah. In verse 9 it says that Noah was a righteous man, blameless among all the men on earth. This is not to say that Noah was perfect in obeying God, it does mean that he was in right standing with God and implies that he was living in a way that pleased God. It was not by his own works that he was favored by God. If it had been about His works, he wouldn’t have passed the test.

The same is true for us. Even if we are doing everything in our power to live a holy life we will find ourselves in a false sense of security. Because our hearts are not perfect we can never be assured of our salvation through our own efforts. Noah wouldn’t have been saved from the flood except for God’s favor. It was God’s favor that caused Him to tell Noah what was coming and what to do to be prepared for it.

Left to ourselves we could also be lost. The world around us would like to draw us into its traps but God has a redemption plan, a way of saving us from the destruction that is coming to those who are evil. God chose us and that is the only reason we can know the Savior in the personal way we do. Faith in Christ is our ark of safety. While vague, this is a vital thing for us to remember, His favor is what is needed for our redemption, because He gives the instructions for righteous living to those He chooses.

Making It Personal

Do you think that God sees you as righteous? Do you have His assurance that you are in the favor of God? What is your responsibility in this relationship with God?

Making It Personal Kids

What do you think it means to be righteous? Why would Jesus show favor to you? How can you show Jesus that He is special to you today?

Closing Prayer

Father, only You can make the choice to stand for us and give us some way of being saved. Give us eyes that spot evil so that we can flee it. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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