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Change of Heart?

1 Samuel 19:1-6

Verse 6 Saul listened to Jonathan and took this oath: “As surely as the Lord lives, David will not be put to death.”

Having a best friend who doesn’t get along with your parent is not an easy thing. We can often see qualities in our closest friends that others can’t see and while our parents often know what is best for us, there are circumstances that can cloud their judgment. Sometimes it is because there is a difference in faith or worldview or maybe even personality incompatibilities, but there are times when it is more than that. There are times when the issue stems from a parent’s fear of losing their child.

This seems to be a fear of King Saul regarding David. His son seems to have a special friendship with David and now there is the marriage of his daughter, Michal to this son of Jesse. Saul’s influence over his children didn’t hold the same weight as it may have when they were younger but that wasn’t the main reason that Saul was concerned about these friendships. For all that Saul was, his affection for his children was such that he didn’t want them losing their royal status. This wasn’t just a dad trying to protect his kids, he was trying to protect his and his family’s legacy.

Jonathan was so connected with David that he couldn’t see what made his dad hate his friend so much. Jonathan probably didn’t know his father’s spiritual struggles. He may have been young when Saul was right with the Lord and didn’t recognize the change that happened when he lost the Holy Spirit. Or maybe he didn’t spend much time with his dad as he used to. No matter what he understood, he wanted his dad to like his best friend.

Jonathan wants to prove to David that it is just his imagination that Saul doesn’t like him so he does the only thing he can think to do, a conversation with his dad which David can witness. They set up a scenario where David can watch and maybe even overhear a chat between father and son. Jonathan does what any of us would do, he talks up his best friend as if he is trying to sell something which would save his life. At least he was trying to save his friend’s life.

David watches the interaction between the king and Jonathan and can tell from the body language that it is going better than he had anticipated. Saul seems almost apologetic and David can see Jonathan feels it is genuine. Maybe this intense hate from the king was all a part of his imagination.

Making It Personal

Have you ever struggled in a relationship with a friend or relative because of the relationship you have with others? What was the reason they couldn’t get along with each other? Have you tried to build a bridge between these two people?

Making It Personal Kids

Do you have friends that don’t like each other? Is it hard to be friends with people who don’t like each other? How can you help them learn to like each other?

Closing Prayer

Father, thank You for friendships. Thank You for parents to guide us. Give us wisdom on making good choices in friendship and help us understand the concern of those who love us. In Jesus’ name, amen.


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