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Battle of the Heart

1 Samuel 30:16-20

Verse 18 David recovered everything the Amalekites had taken, including his two wives.

After having promised they would preserve the Egyptian slave’s life, the man leads his rescuers to his master and the rest of the Amalekites. The Amalekites were not a small band of raiders. We know from the fact that 400 fled on camels that this would have been a huge military force that David and his 400 men were coming into. They had to trust the slave they had with them not to have led them into an ambush or that he would give some signal that would turn the tables on the future king and his men.

What David and the men saw when the enemy came into view would have brought mixed emotions. The joy of seeing the families that they feared they would never see again and maybe even hearing their voices and yet seeing the men that had captured their loved ones having a party to celebrate their spoils. It may have looked like a party but this was about to change.

David and his men attack about dusk and they continue killing the raiders and rescuing their loved ones through the night and into evening the next day. The wives and children must have been excited about the rescue but they then had to watch this event of war right in front of them. The mothers would have tried to protect the children and it is probable that David had some of his men working to get the women and children to safety.

The fact that the battle lasted as long as it did goes to prove just how many men were in the raiding party. Battles can be unpredictable enough without the added element of men who had been drinking and partying for a few days. The urgency was needed though because there was no telling what those 400 who had escaped on camels were up to. They could have been finding sympathizers to bring back for the fight.

David and his men were undaunted by the many facets of this battle because this wasn’t just some matter of conquering, this was a fight for all that they held dear. Their hearts were on their sleeves for this fight because their hearts had been ripped out by the capturing of their wives and children. Nothing brings out the fight in a person like the danger of a loved one. This is the kind of love that led the Godhead to send Jesus to win our battle of sin and death. Love, pure love.

Making It Personal

What battles are willing to fight for those you love? How are you fighting those battles? Where does God fit into your battle plan?

Making It Personal Kids

Has there ever been a time that you couldn’t wait for mom and dad to come help you? How happy were you to see them? Are you just as happy about knowing Jesus?

Closing Prayer

Father, thank You for working out our rescue. We are only worthy of death on our own but because of You we can have life abundantly. Please help us live in ways that show Your love to others. Help us love like You. In Jesus’ name, amen.


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