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Abundant Blessings

Jude 1:1-2

Verse 2 Mercy, peace and love be yours in abundance.

Having met our author and learning to whom he was writing, let’s look at his greeting to his readers.

Mercy isn’t a word that is used often in our day but it has great meaning to us as Christians and is one that we should meditate on now and again. Mercy is defined as not punishing those when we have the power to do so. This wouldn’t be an unwarranted punishment. In fact it is deserved and we know it. It is in the knowing that we deserve punishment that mercy brings the most comfort to us. This mercy is not given in limited measure but rather in the abundance that we need it in.

Next Jude gives the blessing of peace. Peace is something that many seek but don’t find. This peace isn’t the peace of the world, hoping for no war and for everyone to get along. No, this is the peace that comes from knowing God in a very personal way. The peace Jude knew was a treasure to the called of God, those He has set apart for Himself. This peace is a heart at rest knowing that His mercy is ours and that we have the blessing of relationship with Him when we are living as His chosen people.

Lastly Jude lists the blessing of God’s love. Love is something that is so easily misconstrued in our world today but the love of God is pure, genuine, everlasting and whole. The purity of His love requires pure, unadulterated love in return. We can’t love Him and the world, He wants all of our love. His love is genuine which He showed us by sending His beloved Son to die for our sins which He hates. His love is so great that only the blood of His Son would cover His great hate of our sin. His everlasting love will carry us through this life into the next where we will bask in His loving glory. Finally His love is whole. There is nothing missing from His love for us. Every moment of every day we are blanketed in His undying love. That is something to find peace in!

Not only does Jude send them blessings of God’s mercy, peace and love, he blesses them in abundance. He doesn’t want them to know a taste of these things, he wants them to know them to the extreme. The topics that he is going to be addressing with them will require them to be experiencing these three things in abundance.

Making It Personal

How have you felt God’s mercy, peace and love? Have you ever blessed other believers with these three things? Who in your life is needing a blessing today?

Making It Personal Kids

Have you felt God’s mercy, peace and love? How would you show those to others? Who needs to be shown them today?

Closing Prayer

Father, we thank You for Your mercy, peace and love and the abundance in which You give them. Help us show these three blessings to each other as we live together in community. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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