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Volunteer Surveillance Team

1 Samuel 23:19-23

Verse 20 “Now, Your Majesty, come down whenever it pleases you to do so, and we will be responsible for giving him into your hands.”

Jonathan and Saul had gone home but the king was not giving up the fight. The people of the area where David has been hiding decide that it could be beneficial to them to help the king. If they helped him, it was more likely he wouldn’t bother them in the future. Besides, they didn’t want anyone in their region injured or killed because of some fight between the king and his enemy.

The men of Ziph decide to go to Gibeah and present a deal to the king. They clarify it is David that the king is looking for and then tell Saul if he wants to come down to their region sometime, they will make sure David is handed over to the king. They don’t give the king a specific time he has to come down and in doing so let him know they are keeping an eye on David and his movements so there is no way they would waste the king’s time when he decides he is ready to take David.

Saul takes this information as a gift from these people to their king, it is them cooperating with their ruler and helping him defeat his enemy. In essence he hears them say, “Your enemy is our enemy.” Those words would have been a boost to the king. As his son had gone and given David a boost of encouragement through the strength of the Lord, these men had come to encourage the king strengthening his evil desires.

Saul is all for this plan and is happy to have informants so willing to put surveillance on David. There is no way he can pass up this opportunity to know more about David and his ways of operating. Saul feels the need to tell the men to be careful because David is crafty. Saul is tired of being outwitted by the younger man and now he has people who will help him finish his mission to make sure his son takes the throne at Saul’s death.

He sends the men away so they can give him the specific details that will lead him to David and tells them he will join them for the final tracking. Notice that the king sees these men as the only ones he can trust in Judah. He has been betrayed before and now he feels like he finally has allies in the hunt. Many people in the world have felt betrayed in the past. We have the opportunity to do what these men were wanting to do, help locate the one who doesn’t betray. We too can point out the movements of the real King.

Making It Personal

How important is helping others find Jesus to you? Are you willing to show them the evidence of His movement in your life? How can showing others Christ, glorify the King of kings?

Making It Personal Kids

What are some things that you can show others that help them find Jesus? Is helping others find Jesus important to you? Why is it important to help others find Jesus?

Closing Prayer

Father, the men in the story were wanting to help the king find what he really wanted. We know that You want the hearts of Your chosen people. Help us to be as diligent to show You to others as the men were with showing Saul where David was. In Jesus’ name, amen.


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