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Training in the Mundane


1 Samuel 17:12-15, 17-19

Verse 15 …but David went back and forth from Saul to tend his father’s sheep at Bethlehem.

Today the scene shifts about 15 miles northeast from the valley battle scene to the small town of Bethlehem.

We start out in the fields of Bethlehem. A boy and his sheep. David was doing the job of the youngest son, caring for the livestock. He had his normal routine that had expanded to include working in some capacity for the King Saul but that doesn’t mean he has forsaken what his father needed from him. Remember, this was a 15 mile journey one way. Even if David could run a 4 minute mile it would take him an hour to make the trip.

Since Jesse was getting on in years, he asked David to go check on the 3 older brothers who were at the war. He also sent David with some food for his brother and for the commander of their unit. A son’s love for his father was shown by obedience even though his brothers didn’t receive him well. Jesse was missing his sons and wanted news on how they were doing and David left for what would end up as one of the biggest adventures of his life.

Part of the irony of this story is that Jesse is concerned about the welfare of his sons in battle, when in actuality they haven’t even begun to fight yet. This dad was concerned that he was going to lose a son and yet they were waiting for someone for fight the battle for them. Jesse is concerned about his sons on the frontlines but has no idea what God is preparing his youngest son to do.

It is probably a good thing that Jesse didn’t know beforehand what David would do. Finding out that our children are going to place themselves in harm’s way is not something any parent would have happy about. But God had a job for him to do and He had been preparing him for this moment for years as he watched the sheep in the field. He had killed a lion and bear to protect the sheep but that was insignificant next to what he was going to be doing in the next few days.

Making It Personal

Has God ever told you that something that you have been mundanely doing was going to be used for His glory? Would He still get the glory if you did it all by yourself? How could He be using you today?

Making It Personal Kids

Can Jesus still use you when you are cleaning the house for your parents? What are some other every day type of tasks that you could do for Jesus? What will you do for Him today?

Closing Prayer

Father, thank You for the reminder that You work in and through us in the mundane. Help us to always be ready to serve You no matter how mundane it may seem. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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