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Global Outreach Partners

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J and J - SE Asia

J and J serve in SE Asia amongst many tribes who are unreached by the Gospel.  Using a business that farms the ocean as a platform for ministry, they have been gaining access to the rural coastal communities on remote islands and providing a door for sharing the Good News, providing an extra source of income, and how to better maintain the ecosystems in their ocean.  The business hires local church planters who then go and work among these rural villages, bringing hope and new life.  Back on the main island where J and J live they are also involved in mentoring and mobilizing young interns for cross-cultural Kingdom work and are actively reaching out in the community in which they live.

(Please note: J and J live in a sensitive location.  Please do not post or share anything without their permission.)

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Josh and Mandy Shaarda - Uganda

Josh and Mandy are working to develop discipleship materials that can be used by local pastors to disciple their churches so that lives, marriages, families, and communities are transformed when people renew their minds with God's truth.  They are working to train church leaders to make disciples so that the peoples of Africa are reached with the gospel of the kingdom of Jesus.  In doing this, they are also active participants in a local church to show Jesus' love in word and deed to the vulnerable and hurting in communities around them.


Chris and Angie Walker - Papua New Guinea

Chris and Angie are serving the Lord through Ethnos360 in Papua New Guinea, a country just north of Australia, with more than 7 million people who speak 840 languages and live mostly in rural, indigenous communities.  The Walkers are church planting missionaries working among Ma-Mina people of North-Central Papua New Guinea since January 2001. They moved to Mibu in 2002, studied the Ma language and culture of the people then started Bible translation and Bible teaching in 2005. The Mibu church was born in 2006.  The first Mibu church elders were appointed in June 2018. The Mibu church has grown to 13 churches including ongoing outreaches into languages beyond. They have three children: Jael, Baruch and Titus. Jael and Baruch both have graduated, Jael is training to become a Missionary midwife, Baruch

 is pursuing a career in law enforcement.  Since 2019 a terrorist gang known as the Hetwara gang has been causing much violence and destruction throughout communities in the district.  Currently Chris and Angie are in Michigan for a regular home assignment and continue regular contact and ministry with the Mibus. In addition to their church planting ministry Chris works with volunteers and fellow missionaries to develop and maintain a library of materials to help churches develop and grow into maturity. Angie is now part of the Educational Special Services team that helps students across the field.

East Martin Christian School - Martin, Michigan

East Martin Christian School offers a rigorous educational experience with a curriculum that effectively prepares students for higher education.  EMCS teachers are certified by the state of Michigan and place great importance on remaining at the forefront of educational excellence.

They teach from a Christian worldview perspective, which means that they teach God is in all and through all.  Every square inch of creation belongs to God, including our learning. 

To be best equipped to teach this, EMCS teachers attend the Christian Education Association conference annually for further training in their subject areas as well as training in the Christian worldview.


For more information check out their Facebook page.   

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