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Global Outreach Partners

Joe and Jen - SE Asia

Joe and Jen serve in SE Asia amongst many tribes who are unreached by the Gospel.  Using a business that farms the ocean as a platform for ministry, they have been gaining access to the rural coastal communities on remote islands and providing a door for sharing the Good News, providing an extra source of income, and how to better maintain the ecosystems in their ocean.  The business hires local church planters who then go and work among these rural villages, bringing hope and new life.  Back on the main island where Joe and Jen live they are also involved in mentoring and mobilizing young interns for cross-cultural Kingdom work and are actively reaching out in the community in which they live.  (Please note: Joe and Jen live in a sensitive location.  Please do not post or share anything without their permission.)

Josh and Mandy Shaarda - Uganda

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The Gathering Place - Plainwell, Michigan

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East Martin Christian School - Martin, Michigan

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