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Strength of Meekness

Matthew 5:3-12

Verse 5 Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.

We’ve talked about being poor in spirit and mourning over our sins but today we will talk about one of the most misunderstood words used in the Bible.

Meekness is often equated with weakness but the truth is that meekness is a strong character trait. It is about being strong enough to humble oneself. This word is often used by modern teachers about Jesus as they preach trying to make Him out to be the kind of man that was easily walked all over and that couldn’t stand up for Himself. To make Him out as such a soft man is not a fair representation of who He is.

We see humility in our Lord but we will never see weakness. He needed more strength than we could imagine to allow others to beat Him and unfairly treat Him without striking back. He could have called the armies of Heaven to come to His aid but He had the strength to keep from calling in protection. He could have come as the King that He is but instead humbled Himself to live as a human that could be injured in body and heart.

Christ is our best example of what it means to be meek. His gentleness, care, and ultimately His submission to the Father are all things we would do well to emulate. Submission is another word that is often scoffed in our world and yet it is so vital to our spiritual life. If we are wanting to make changes in our lives that show that we are children of the eternal God, we need to know what it means to live submitted to His will.

Being humble and submitting to the Lord are ways that we can reflect Him. Reflecting Him isn’t for our own benefit and glory. While it will be a blessing to us we need to remember that being humble doesn’t include doing things for our own rewards. He calls us to be gentle, humble and submissive. Not to submit to the power of evil but to submit to the authority of Christ. We need to use the power of the Spirit to live humble and gentle lives and then we will be blessed by inheriting the earth and reflecting our Savior.

Making It Personal

Would you consider yourself as a meek person? What are ways that you should be displaying mannerisms of meekness? How do others respond to your meekness?

Making It Personal Kids

How would you describe what it looks like to be meek? Are you meek? How can you be meek today?

Closing Prayer

Father, thank You for showing us the strength of meekness. Help us know the power of living humble and gentle lives that reflect Your strength of humility, gentleness and grace. In Jesus’ name, amen.


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