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Share the Wealth

1 Samuel 30:26-31

Verse 26 When David reached Ziklag, he sent some of the plunder to the elders of Judah, who were his friends, saying, “Here is a gift for you from the plunder of the Lord’s enemies.”

Now that David, his men and all of the women and children are back to Ziklag, David chooses to do something that may not have gone over well with the 400 men who had been upset about sharing with the 200 soldiers who had been guarding the supplies at the valley of Besor, he was planning on sharing the plunder with more than just their army. David wanted to share some of what they had gathered with the people who had invited them in during their time on the run.

The plunder they had taken from the Amalekites must have been an abundant haul for David to even think they would have enough to share with at least 13 other people groups! It wouldn’t be worth the trouble to give them all a few sheep or goats a piece so this would have been a significant gift to each of the 13 towns. The 400 warriors had already watched their amount of the plunder dwindle a bit with the need to cut in the 200 men. With David wanting to spread it even further they may have been wondering what they would be left with.

While it sounds quite reasonable to send some gifts to those who had provided refuge for them, we need to remember one detail, the town of Ziklag they had returned to, had been burned. They needed to rebuild where they were living so that their families would be safe for their future raiding of other towns. If David gave away too much of the plunder, how would they have the means to rebuild?

David had inspiration for this decision to give to those 13 communities. Looking at his beautiful wife, Abigail, would have reminded him about the time he had done something nice for someone, giving them protection when they needed it only to find that the man they were in truth helping, didn’t think their protection was worth a simple meal. David didn’t want to be like Nabal, who didn’t want to reward David’s men after they had guarded the rich man’s shepherds, he wanted to be generous with what God had given them just as God had always been generous with him.

David was wanting to give credit where credit was due. He also knew that by giving these gifts to those who had given protection to him and his men, he was making a deposit into his future reign. People were more likely to accept and follow a king who they thought had integrity and a generous heart.

Making It Personal

When have you received an unexpected gift that showed someone appreciated you? When have you given such a gift to someone? Who do you need to show appreciation for today?

Making It Personal Kids

Have you ever received something you weren’t expecting from someone? How did it make you feel? Is there someone that you should show appreciation to?

Closing Prayer

Father, You have given us so much that we don’t deserve and we don’t show our appreciation near enough. Please help us learn to live in obedience to You as a way of showing how much we appreciate all You have done and continue to do for us. In Jesus’ name, amen.


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