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Persevered to Maturity

James 1:2-4

Verse 4 Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.

Now that we have looked deeper into what it means to persevere let’s see what persevering cultivates in our lives, starting with maturity.

Maturity is something that we often link with aging but that is only partially correct. It is easy to become an old fool if we are not growing and maturing in the correct things in life. This is the importance that James saw in persevering. When one struggles through trials until the end there are things to be learned along the way. When we are choosing joy and going through the trials with our “God is in full control” glasses on, how much more we can mature in our lives.

In the same way that we all grow physically as we grow up, so should we mature spiritually as we age spiritually. And though as we mature physically we seem to lose some of our usefulness to our family, as we grow spiritually we should be growing in our usefulness to the Church family. For just as a family helps each other grow and learn by helping each other as needs arise so the church family also needs help from time to time.

By being intentional about how we endure our trials we will grow in maturity leaving us opportunities to help others through their trials. This is not to say that we know exactly what they are going through nor should we try to fix their problems. Because if we try to fix things for others we could actually be getting in the way of their growth just as someone that is always carrying the baby around keeps the little one from learning to crawl and gain their own muscles. No, we don’t want to stunt their growth but we should be there to be an arm to hold onto if needed.

As we struggle through our trials we learn things that will help us know how to manage through the next one and the one after that. You see, maturity isn’t something that has an end in this life. A spiritually healthy person will be continuing to mature throughout this life because the trials of life won’t stop this side of heaven. That is just part of this trial, persevere, maturing cycle. And when we find joy in this cycle, knowing it is God working things out in our life for His glory, we will start seeing maturity showing up in our lives.

Making It Personal

Where do you find yourself on this cycle of spiritual growth? Do you see yourself growing through the trials you have had in life? What is something that has come out of your trials that has brought God glory?

Making It Personal Kids

What do you think of when you hear the word maturity? Who do you know who is mature? Do you think you are maturing to be more like Jesus?

Closing Prayer

Father, thank You for the training You are giving us to be more mature in our faith. Continue guiding us to find joy in the trials that come our way so that we can mature as You desire. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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