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Passing It Forward

Acts 2:38-41

Psalm 145:4 One generation commends your works to another; they tell of your mighty acts.

Yesterday we talked about the coming of the Holy Spirit; how His being poured out on the first Church. Today we look at the end of the sermon that Peter gave that day.

Peter finishes off his sermon with the basics of the Gospel. Repenting is the first step that John the Baptist, Jesus, Peter and the others used. Why repent? Because unless you are ready to admit that you are sinful you won’t think you need to be forgiven. And a person who thinks they are fine as they are will not see the need to submit to a Savior. Repenting is acknowledging and turning from the sinful action and once we admit and walk away from it we will receive the Holy Spirit. Look who the promise is for. The Holy Spirit was promised to them, their children and all who are going to come that the Lord calls. That includes us! And our children. But what does this have to do with pure praise?

Psalm 145:4 tells of generations sharing with future generations of God’s mighty deeds. This is teaching us how to show the younger generations how to praise. What is praise? It is giving Him glory for what He has done! And what better way to share the truth of God with a younger person than to tell them of His mighty works in your life? Isn’t that what witnessing is? It is telling of what God has done that we have seen. And who better to share it with than our young (and old) family members or friends?

You may ask how that will help them learn to repent and know Jesus in a personal way. Have you heard it said that history that isn’t learned is repeated? If you have made a mistake and learned from it wouldn’t it be better to share it with someone else so that they don’t have to live through the same mistakes? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to praise God that a young person was saved from making the same bad choices we made because we shared how God brought us out of it?

Do you remember how we have talked about praise being special in a group setting? How much more special when we can praise as a family.

Making It Personal

Who passed their faith onto you? Who made an influence in your spiritual growth? Who are you passing your faith onto?

Making It Personal Kids

Who has told you about things that God has done? Is there anything that God has done in your life that you could share? Who would you share it with?

Closing Prayer

Father, You have done so many things in our life, how can we not share it with everyone. Give us the courage needed to share those things with those we come into contact with. Thank You for Your many blessings. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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