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Our Contentment Power Tower

Philippians 4:8-13

Verse 13 I can do all this through him who gives me strength.

Now that we have talked about the need to learn to be content we need to understand the important fact about learning this principle in life.

Learning comes easier for some than it does others. Some study hard and still barely pass the exam while some don’t study at all and ace the test. The same may seem true about learning to be content. We may know people who seem content because they are living in plenty, but that is likely just a façade as they struggle through not thinking they have enough.

We may even know people who don’t have much at all and we can’t imagine how they seem happy in their state of circumstances. How could someone who drives an old beater be satisfied with their jalopy? They may or may not be content with what they have but the truth is that they haven’t come to that on their own. Even Paul knew that learning contentment doesn’t come easy and it can’t happen on our own power.

Our key verse for the day is often taken out of context. For years it has been used by people to bolster they self-confidence. It is said by people to help gain the courage to do something they want to do. Some use it almost like magic words to help them do more than their natural ability. Maybe some of the irony is that the verse is printed on so many various tokens like mugs, keychains and even apparel that it could easily fight against the very thing that it was written against.

This doing anything in the strength of the Lord was written by a man who had learned that this was the key to contentment. While we can’t do anything without Christ, there are things that He wants to put His strength into. Do we really think that Christ’s greatest goal in life is for us to hit the ball further than someone else? Or is His strength to be spent on making our presentation perfect so that we can get the promotion we want for that bigger paycheck? Of course not! He gives us His strength to live as He wants us to live and part of that is living lives content in Him and His provisions, whether they be great or small.

Making It Personal

Have you ever used this verse with the intent of getting the best result in your life? Is that thing for your glory or His? What does He want you to use His strength on?

Making It Personal Kids

How strong is Jesus? Does He want you to use His strength? What does He want you to use His strength on?

Closing Prayer

Father, thank You for providing us with Your strength to accomplish all You desire us to do. Please help us learn contentment. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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