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Obedience is the Best Policy

1 Samuel 26:1-6

Verse 2 So Saul went down to the Desert of Ziph, with his three thousand select Israelite troops, to search there for David.

After a short break from the active running due to Samuel’s death and then the sheep shearing, which led to David’s third marriage, Saul is back on the hunt for the young man. After having spent time in the Desert of Paran to mourn Samuel, David is in the Wilderness of Ziph which is located about 3 miles north of Carmel, Abigail’s home town, and about half-way between Hebron and the Dead Sea.

The portion of Ziph they were in was near the same area that David and his men had been hiding out in the cave when the King came in to relieve himself. Upon hearing that David is there again Saul shows up with his top three thousand fighting men. Once Saul and his men reached the region they made camp along the road. David was up the hill from the road and wouldn’t have been able to miss the 3000 men coming into the area. So he sends some scouts out to make sure it is Saul and his men

This wasn’t the first time Saul had brought along these three thousand men. The last time that David was in this region Saul had brought the same amount of men to try to capture him. David’s 300-ish men must have seemed so small in comparison, but instead of cowering in fear David sneaks into the king’s camp and looks for Saul. Upon finding him and Abner, his commander, David goes back to his men.

Now that he is back with his men, David comes up with a plan and asks for a few volunteers to join him in approaching the king. Abishai is the one to step up and though this is the first time we hear of him, this definitely will not be the last. His willingness to step into the midst of the army of Saul proved to David that this man was a good one to have along.

Once again David had been given the opportunity to prove to Saul that he wasn’t all that Saul thought him to him to be. It wasn’t David chasing the throne, it was God. Saul was needing to remember that God had given him some guidelines and he had failed to abide by them. The king had rejected God and therefore God had rejected him. David hadn’t chosen the kingship, God was calling him to and preparing him for it. God was working in the details.

Making It Personal

Has there been a time when you thought God was giving something to someone else that you had felt was yours? Had you been obeying Him in everything? Where is obedience needed in your life today?

Making It Personal Kids

Have you ever been told to do something but you didn’t want to do it like you were told to? Has it made it so that you have lost some privilege? Why is obedience important?

Closing Prayer

Father, please help us remember that if You put us in a position that we need to obey Your perfect guidelines. Give us the wisdom to obey You fully. In Jesus’ name, amen.


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