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Midday Head Hunt

2 Samuel 4:5-7

Verse 6 They went into the inner part of the house as if to get some wheat, and they stabbed him in the stomach. Then Rekab and his brother Baanah slipped away.

When we met these brothers yesterday we learned that they were leaders among Ish-Bosheth’s raiding bands. They had made a name for themselves among the nation of Israel. Being from the same tribe as the king seemed to have them thinking that they were among the elite of the Israel’s army. But they didn’t want to follow a weak king and Ish-Bosheth was turning out to be just that.

Deciding that the king was becoming an embarrassment to the whole of Israel, the men cook up a plan to take him out of the picture. We know it was premeditated because they didn’t do something in the spur of the moment. They come in as if they were going to be gathering supplies as they likely had many times before but this time they would have been more aware of who else was around and what they were paying attention to. They needed to be careful not to get caught.

Their timing brings them at the time the king took an afternoon rest. To give the king his space for the best rest most would have stayed away giving them less eyes on them as they sneak into the king’s private bedroom. The king was apparently sound asleep as he didn’t know they were there giving them the perfect setting to murder the man.

Coming into his bedroom they stab him in the stomach. Once they were sure he was dead, they cut off his head. Remember, this was a common thing done when someone was killed who was of great significance. It was proof the person was dead and could be used as personal trophy or when staked, as an announcement to the whole community. In this instance they had a very practical reason for removing his head, they were taking it with them and didn’t need or want to take the whole body.

They carried the king’s head out when they went sneaking on their way. They didn’t go back to the land of Benjamin, they had a plan to get out of town by way of the Jordan Valley with a plan to travel about 30 miles out of the area. They were making a serious, well-calculated escape and had one more portion of their plan to execute.

Making It Personal

Are there things that you sneak around to do? Why don’t you want others to see you do it? Why is it important to live out your faith where others can see?

Making It Personal Kids

Do you sneak to do things which you know you shouldn’t do? Why do you want to do things which you shouldn’t? Do you hide living like Jesus?

Closing Prayer

Father, sneaking around should be our first clue we are doing something we probably shouldn’t be doing. Give us wisdom and courage to live a life of truth. May we learn to represent Your name well. In Jesus’ name, amen.


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