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Luke 2:1-20

Verse 19  But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.


    While they were there, the time came.  We have come to our long awaited day and yet we have awaited this advent for only about a month.  Mary and Joseph had been waiting for nine months.  And the Hebrew nation had been waiting for generations.  The day had finally come.


    There are many things we wait for in life.  Maybe it is the start of Christmas break from school or summer break.  Maybe it is the wedding day we have been dreaming of.  It could be the long awaited vacation to our favorite place on earth.  No matter what we are waiting for there are times when it seems like it will never happen.


    Like every pregnant woman nearing the end of her pregnancy, Mary was ready to meet the little bundle of joy.  There was so much anticipation wrapped up in this little boy.  So many things to think that mirror every other mother, things like, “What will he look like?”  “What will he like and dislike?”  But there was another question she knew the answer to.  “What will He be when He grows up?”


    Mary knew what her Babe would grow up to be.  She knew because she had been told who He was even before she felt His first kick.  She knew the promise.  She knew that God had been planning on sending a savior for His people.  She also knew how the prophets had been treated.  She was likely feeling unqualified.  She had agreed to God’s plan but it must have been a bit scary.  Her life had changed so much in those nine months.  There were so many things that she would look back on, so many memories.  And here was the biggest one to date, the birth of her first born son, the very Son of God.


    For the rest of her life the sounds of livestock would likely bring these scenes back to her mind.  The sounds and smell of sheep would bring memories of shepherds telling of angels and worshiping her newborn.  The road to Jerusalem would come to remind her of Jesus missing after a Passover journey.  So many moments.  So much wrapped up in that tiny bundle.  So much to come, both in joy and pain.  There would be the moment of standing beside the apostle John, watching that promised Son dying on the Roman cross.


    Jesus wasn’t sent just for Mary.  Just as she had memories about Jesus in her life, we are given the opportunity of knowing Him in our lives.  We need to be pondering in our hearts all that He is doing in our lives.


Making It Personal

    What memories do you have of Jesus in your life?  Have there been times when He has done some work in you and you can’t help but think of it often?  What work of His are you going to praise Him for today?


Making It Personal Kids

    Do you have memories with your mom and dad?  What kind of memories do you think Jesus had with His mom and dad?  Do you have memories about Jesus?


Closing Prayer

    Father, we thank You for this gift of Your Son and this day to celebrate His birth.  Help us continuously treasure our moments with You.  In Jesus’ name, amen.


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