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Let’s Hang Out!

Psalm 145

Verse 17 The Lord is righteous in all His ways and faithful in all He does.

Having discussed some of the things that the people of God do, David takes a big U-turn and comes back to his original intent of exalting the Lord.

David knew what it meant to praise the Lord. He had been exalting Him for most of his life. He had spent many hours in the pastures with his father’s sheep and had found that time as precious time spent with the Lord. Time he could have spent bored just watching the hours tick past, this boy with his sheep had wrestled through thoughts in his heart and mind with the Lord. The future king asked the King of Kings why various things were going on in his life.

In the years that followed the shepherd boy turned warrior used his wanderings and times of flight as moments for praising God for all the things He was doing, even in the times when nothing made sense. He had learned through the years that there was no one like the Lord to help him work out his life issues. When his life was in danger there was no one he felt safer with than the Lord, in the cave, in the field or in a Philistine village, he knew that the Lord was near and watching over him just as He always had been.

David had many reasons to praise the Lord and he wasn’t afraid to do it. When the Ark of the Covenant was being brought back in possession of the Israelites David was so excited in exalting the Lord that his wife despised him. David was so into exalting God that he wasn’t afraid to lose the respect of those closest to him.

David knew that the Lord was faithful in all He does and that would never change. This alone should be enough for us to be seeking Him for ourselves. But when was the last time that we sought His presence? We need to evaluate why His presence doesn’t take a bigger priority in our lives. If we truly want to exalt Him we need to make the time to know Him. He must become more important to us than what is going on around us. He needs to be the one we want to spend time with because it is with Him that we find true peace.

Making It Personal

If time is running short in your day, are you willing to skip your quiet time? What will it take for you to choose time with Him first? Are you ready to take that step today?

Making It Personal Kids

Do you spend time with Jesus when you are alone? How does spending time with Jesus make you feel? Do you like to praise Jesus even when you are by yourself?

Closing Prayer

Father, there isn’t enough time to praise You and yet we can’t pretend to know You. We need to build precious relationships with You and therefore make Your name known. We extol You, Father. Give us wisdom to spend more time one on one with You. In Jesus’ amen.


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