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Let Me Tell You a Story

2 Samuel 14:1-11

Verse 1 Joab son of Zeruiah knew that the king’s heart longed for Absalom.

Joab has been a part of David’s life for some time. He has covered up for the king and fought side by side with him. They have been close friends and yet have had their differences over the years. As with any friendship there are times when we get concerned about our friends. Joab was growing in his concern about David and his desire for a relationship with Absalom.

Joab may have tried to convince David to take steps of reconciliation with his son to no avail. That may be why he decided to take this more creative approach. He goes as far as paying a lady who is considered wise to come and play a role of a grieving lady. Kind of like a living parable she was to come in and use a story to help David see his role in making a relationship with his son.

Joab has the whole story plan ready to explain to the woman from Tekoa. Verse 3 says Joab put the words in her mouth. He gave her the full script meaning he had been working this plan out in his mind for a while. Since Absalom had been gone for 3 years, Joab had plenty of time to work out the many details of the plan and knowing David as he did, he would have had pondered over the various responses David would give. Playing these various scenarios in his head he could choose wording he knew David couldn’t refute.

David may have thought he could relate some with this woman as he heard the tale of her two sons fighting against each other. He sees her story as different in the sense she is concerned about her inheritance and her husband’s heritage. Though he can’t totally relate with her, he finds himself being able to sympathize with her situation.

In verse 9 we see how Joab really had thought this out well. She requests that any criticism fall on her and her son, not on the king and his kingdom. This line of thinking would come in handy with the point of the story Joab had so brilliantly crafted. Joab was proving through this lady’s story, revenge wasn’t always the best policy and if David was willing to take the steps to reconnect with his son Absalom, God would use it for the greater good of God and His people.

Making It Personal

Have you ever tried to help a friend see the truth of their mistake in a gentle way? Have you ever had someone try to help you understand the truth of your situation? What truth do you need to speak today to a friend?

Making It Personal Kids

Have you ever tried to help a friend keep from making a mistake? Has a friend ever tried to stop you from making a mistake? Who needs your help today?

Closing Prayer

Father, thank You for sending us the wise council of friends. Give us the wisdom we need to help our friends understand truth. In Jesus’ name, amen.


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