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Leading in Righteousness

Psalm 51:13-17

Verse 13 Then I will teach transgressors Your ways, so that sinners will turn back to You.

Moving his thoughts beyond the sin with Bathsheba, David came to grips with what his sin of murdering Uriah meant. It was a horrible thing to require another man die to hide your own sin and then to be as cowardly about it as to have another man make it happen made it so he was causing others to sin. David had been reminded how his sins could cause others to sin as well.

It is true that David’s commander could have denied the king’s command about Uriah but that would have only meant David would have killed Joab and had someone else in a position of arranging Uriah’s death. As a leader, David had led other men into a sin. Sure Uriah’s death would be viewed by onlookers as a victim of war, those directly involved knew differently, his blood was on their hands.

Leaders have many responsibilities but Godly leaders have an even weightier role. They must understand how their leadership can aid or hinder the spiritual lives of those under and beside them. When a leader seeks their own glory and desires, they will lead others to think that is how everyone should live. David asked God for a spirit willing to obey because he wanted to make sure those following him wouldn’t get into the same issues he did.

Instead of leading them down the wrong path David wanted to lead in being repentant and having a heart of praise for the Lord. He told the Lord he knew a sacrifice could be merely like saying he was sorry and left the door open to do it again and again but David didn’t want that kind of sin cycle. He wanted it to be removed from his live and so instead offered God a contrite, repentant heart. A heart which understood the need to turn from that kind of sin, once and for all.

A repentant heart would allow him to lead in a way which led others to seek God with repentant hearts. They would still offer sacrifices, even Jesus would have seen people offering sacrifices knowing it would do nothing but make them feel like they were making amends to God. Jesus knew He was the only sacrifice which would wash their sins away. A repentant heart is what the Lord desires.

Making It Personal

Have you ever told God you were sorry but not sincerely repented of your sin? Do you ever think about how your love of a certain sin could cause others to look more likely on that sin? How do you really feel about your sin?

Making It Personal Kids

Have you ever done something bad and a friend copied you? Did you feel bad because you had led them to be naughty? How does Jesus want you to lead?

Closing Prayer

Father, we know only a truly repentant heart will please You. Help us learn to identify sin in our lives and how we have been leading others astray by our actions and words. Give us wisdom and guidance to lead well. In Jesus’ name, amen.


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