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Kill Me Yourself

1 Samuel 20:8-17

Verse 8 As for you, show kindness to your servant, for you have brought him into a covenant with you before the Lord. If I am guilty, then kill me yourself! Why hand me over to your father?”

This friendship between David and Jonathan is the stuff of legends. These men lived the kind of friendship that all great story tellers try to build into their characters. True to the end, willing to die for each other and maybe even to die for other family members. This was a “bromance” if ever there was one.

David refers to the covenant the men had made with each other. This friendship was not just about a set of common interests, they truly cared about each other in a non-sexual way. They were committed to the other’s good in life no matter what it cost. They had each other’s backs as a police officer partner or fellow soldier would have. They were always looking out for the benefit of the other. They were willing to die for each other and to claim each other’s family members as their own. This posed a problem for these friends as David was convinced that Jonathan’s dad wanted him dead.

The reason this covenant being made at this point is important is because David was telling Jonathan that it was important for Jonathan to remain loyal to his dad and that if it was found out that David had sinned against Saul and that was behind the hate, Jonathan should kill David himself. Jonathan wanted nothing to do with that thought and assured David that if he had the slightest inkling that the king wanted to harm his friend, he would warn David.

Knowing that there was a plan in the works to determine if the king wanted David dead, the younger man asks Jonathan who was going to let him know if Jonathan did find out that his dad was wanting the shepherd killed. There are two ways that we could look at David’s question. Firstly we could say that David was asking who Jonathan was going to send to tell him in the field, but we could also see the question as David questioning if the king would be angry enough to kill his own son because of their friendship.

This conversation was one of the last they would have but it sealed the depth of their friendship. God was at the center of their friendship and they shared a special connection that would carry them through no matter how long they were separated.

Making It Personal

Do you have a friendship which has a depth that can’t be explained? What are some things you have done for them which you wouldn’t do for others? Have you ever done anything extravagant for God?

Making It Personal Kids

Do you have a best, best friend? Are there things that you would do for them that you wouldn’t do for other friends? What big thing did Jesus do for you because He says you are His special friend?

Closing Prayer

Father, thank You for being the best friend we could ever hope for. Help us to live covenant lives with You and those who are closest to us. In Jesus’ name, amen.


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