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Jude 1:8-10

Verse 8 In the very same way, on the strength of their dreams these ungodly people pollute their own bodies, reject authority and heap abuse on celestial beings.

Now that we have had the reminder that we need to see sin in the same way God sees it, Jude returns to his caution about those that are ungodly among them. It is important to know the traits of those that may come into the church family that are not of God.

Jude points out a few things that may reveal the imposter. And this is a good time to be reminded of the fact that though we are to not to make close companions of those that are ungodly, we are to continue living a life of witness in front of them. We are also to keep the church clear of them. This is not to say that all sinners are unwelcome in the church, if this was true then none of us would be allowed in. No, Jude’s warning is more about those that are trying to change the teachings of the church.

There have been many through the centuries that have tried to influence the Church in ways that actually draw it away from the ways of God. And we know that there are still those that are trying to change the truth of God’s Word. There are those that try to make the Gospel more mystical, leading people to try things that are more about dealing with evil spirits than they are about living in the way of the Holy Spirit.

When someone tries to encourage the people of the Church to trust solely in things other than God we need to sit up and take notice. If we are told that the only way we can become right with God is through good works, we can know that person doesn’t know the truth of Jesus. They aren’t acknowledging that it is Jesus’ work that saves us. If someone is defying the godly leadership of the Church we can know that they are not part of God’s people, for we know that God’s people will obey as God has commanded. If someone is teaching that the Bible has no authority on how to teach us to live, we can know they are not of God. And if they say that sin is not as bad as the God has said, they are not lovers of God.

We must always be aware of the truth of Scripture so we can spot false teaching quickly. While the ungodly find their strength in their dreams, we must hold to our strength in the Creator. Only God can hold us firm in the truth.

Making It Personal

Have you ever found yourself being swayed by a false teaching? What area of your life do you feel most vulnerable in? What steps are you taking to know Scripture better?

Making It Personal Kids

Why is it important to know if something is not Jesus’ teaching? How can you know if something is really Jesus’ teaching? What do you need to do so that you know the truth about Jesus?

Closing Prayer

Father, thank You for the warning about false teaching. Give us the wisdom and discernment to know when it a teaching that is wayward from truth. Help us walk in Your way. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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