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Food Poisoning of Sin

Jude 1:5-7

Verse 7 In a similar way, Sodom and Gomorrah and the surrounding towns gave themselves up to sexual immorality and perversion. They serve as an example of those who suffer the punishment of eternal fire.

Yesterday we ended our time together with the thought that if we claim Christ as our Savior then we must submit to His authority. Today we discuss the consequences of not obeying Him fully and why we should have a distaste for sin.

The towns of Sodom and Gomorrah were notorious cities in the time of Abraham. So known for their evil ways that the Lord told Abraham that He had been hearing the cries about them. But Abraham loved his nephew who lived in Sodom and so he pleaded with the Lord not to destroy the city. He asked the Lord if He would leave the city alone if there could be found 50 righteous people in the town. When the Lord agreed Abraham kept asking, lowing the number each time until he was down to ten and still the Lord agreed (Genesis 18:20-32). The Lord couldn’t find even 10 righteous people in the city and so He kept His word about destroying them, making provisions for Lot and his family to escape (Genesis 19:12-13).

Jude knew that his readers would know this story and they needed to see how living in the midst of such evil could taint the young Church. They couldn’t be fighting for their faith if they were too busy living a life that reflected the world around them. He makes the point that it doesn’t just happen that we find ourselves wallowing in the filth of this world, we make the choice.

Paul pointed out in the first chapter of his letter to the Romans that when people are living these immoral lives it is because they were too happy living in their sin to acknowledge the God of creation and so they were handed over to their own sinful desires (Romans 1:24). Jude knew the Church people needed a reminder that God doesn’t just ignore sin. This is something we need to remember too.

It is so easy to think we are immune to sin but unless we are submitting faithfully to Christ we find ourselves in the same position of not taking sin as serious as God takes it. If we are truly wanting to be like Christ, we need to admit our sins and confess them. If we confess our sins He is faithful and will forgive us (1 John 1:9). It is high time that we see sin as the evil that it is and lose our taste for it.

Making It Personal

How serious do you take sin in your life? Do you detest your sin as much as God does? What choices do you need to make today?

Making It Personal Kids

How much does Jesus’ hate sin? What does Jesus want you to do about sin in your life? What are you going to do to fight against sin in your life?

Closing Prayer

Father, thank You for the grace You have shown us regarding our sins. Please help us learn to hate sin as much as You do. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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