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I Promise to Do Good

James 2:14-24

Verse 15 Suppose a brother or a sister is without clothes and daily food.

We discussed yesterday that we were to act upon what we heard, today we read how important James says action is to our faith.

Doing good deeds are something that even non-Christian organizations encourage. There is a difference though for a Christian. As Christians, we are not doing good deeds for the sake of trying to be good people. Whether non-Christians are trying to earn their way to heaven or just trying to come across as good, they miss the mark that we are called to as Christians.

Doing good deeds isn’t just about doing nice things for others or being kind. Well, it could be, but that isn’t the Christian act of doing good deeds. The motive of the heart has to be different. We can do good things until we are blue in the face but that is all they are, good things. But when we do things with the heart of Christ in the name of Christ, we will show our faith in Him.

James had grown up watching Jesus live out the perfect life. He had likely seen more good deeds done than most people do in a lifetime. While he may not have believed the truth of his brother’s identity right away, James came to understand that Jesus wasn’t just doing those things to get more brownie points with God, it was merely His nature to do good to and for others.

As Christ’s followers we are to have the nature of Christ and that means our lives should be reflecting His. Since He did good towards and for others we too should be living out love. James points out that it is proof of our faith. Faith in Christ is more than just knowing Him and trusting Him, it is abiding in Him. And when we abide in Him, He said He would abide with us. It is His Spirit living in us that guides us and shows us the various things that we can do to bring glory to His name.

That is the main thing we need to remember about doing deeds because of our faith. We can know the truth behind the heart of our deeds by asking ourselves one simple question, “Did I expect the praise or was I giving the praise to God?”

Making It Personal

Do you do good things? Why do you do good things? What can you do today to show your faith?

Making It Personal Kids

Do you do good things? Why do you do good things? What are some good things that you can do to show your love of Jesus?

Closing Prayer

Father, thank You for giving us things that we can do to bring You glory. Help us do these good deeds because of You and not our own interests. In Jesus’ name. amen.


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