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I’m Just a Flea

1 Samuel 26:17-20

Verse 18 And he added, “Why is my lord pursuing his servant? What have I done, and what wrong am I guilty of?

Just as David thought, his talking with Abner was being overheard by the king. Saul called out to his former son-in-law asking if it was him. Notice Saul addresses David as his son. This term that would normally be a sign of affection was not given in sincerity in this moment. The king was hunting the younger man down to kill him after all.

David acknowledges that it is he and then asks the pressing question, “Why are you coming after me? What have I done that deserves this?” David wants answers from the king. If Saul is wanting to hurt David, he wants to know why, he feels he is owed that much. Then David goes the next step and asks if it was a sin that God would want him punished for or was it merely about the feelings of a man.

David goes on to say some things that may appear curious but if we look at them deeper we will see some of the pain that David was dealing with as he has been on the run. David wasn’t feeling as if he was simply running from the king, he feels that he is being kicked out of his home country. He saw it as being rejected from God’s people and being forced to live among ungodly people and more than that, being kept away from worshipping God as He had told His people to worship Him, meaning that David felt like he was being told to go worship false gods.

To be forced from the kingdom of God’s people had David feeling like the king was saying that God had rejected him. David didn’t want to question his standing with God, he wanted to know that he was living as God would have him. He didn’t want the king seeing him as out of right standing with God either. Sadly when we are feeling attacked by someone who is a leader it is easy to start believing things they are saying about us. David wanted to know truth.

David wasn’t finished, he humbly called the king out and asks why he – who is as insignificant as a flea – is the object of the king’s hunt. Didn’t the king have more important people to be going after? This was David reminding the king that God’s allotted land had not been conquered and Saul was showing God’s goal wasn’t his by not doing what he could do to drive out the enemies.

Making It Personal

Have you ever been so irritated by someone that you spend more energy and time thinking about them than doing what you are supposed to be doing? Why does the person bother you so much? Who should you be more focused on?

Making It Personal Kids

Is there anyone that bothers you so much you get sidetracked from what you are supposed to do? Why does that person bother you? Who should be your focus?

Closing Prayer

Father, we confess that there are times where we allow our attention to be distracted from You by those around us that we don’t care much for. Please help us learn to keep our focus on You and Your mission. In Jesus’ name, amen.


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