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Heavenly Citizenship

Matthew 5:3-12

Verse 3 Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Today we will start a look at some of the things Jesus thought were important for His followers to remember, basic things that help us grow spiritually and live as Christ would live. Commonly known as the Beatitudes, this list of opportunities for the utmost of bliss are given with their various results. We need to remember that though Jesus saw the crowds coming He sat down to teach His disciples, making these words given not to the masses but to those that called Him their teacher. If we consider Him our teacher, we too need to listen to His words and grow to be the people He wants us to be. These are teachings with eternal rewards.

The first one the Savior lists is about being poor in spirit. This isn’t about finances but about our state of heart. To be poor in spirit is about being destitute in our inner parts. It is when we know in our deepest soul that we have nothing of spiritual depth that we are ready to know Him deeper. We know that left to ourselves we are not able to live for the glory of God.

When we know that we are poor in spirit we can see our need for God better than when we think of ourselves in a higher place of spirituality. We won’t seek to know God in an ever deepening way unless we are understanding our need of Him. This is why Jesus said that those who are poor in spirit are blessed and that they will have the kingdom of heaven.

We often think of heaven as the eternal place we will head to after death but that isn’t exactly what the Lord was talking about. To be in Christ is to be a part of His kingdom, a citizen of heaven. Only in understanding how much we lack in spirit will we look to Christ to fill us with His Spirit and it is our accepting Jesus as our Lord and Savior that assures us of our eternal home and our citizenship in heaven. When He chooses us, calls us into His kingdom, His Spirit works in our hearts so that we will desire to live as citizens of heaven.

So we need to ask ourselves what it means to live as citizens of heaven. Are we living as if we are poor in spirit, looking for Him and His filling? If we are, we will be blessed.

Making It Personal

Are you poor in spirit? Do you think of yourself as a citizen of heaven? In what ways do you feel blessed because of your relationship with Christ?

Making It Personal Kids

How do you think citizens of heaven should act? Do you act like Jesus? What do you do to learn more about how Jesus lived?

Closing Prayer

Father, only when we understand our need of You can we see what it means to be a citizen of heaven. Give us a growing desire to seek You and Your teachings so that we can well represent the kingdom. In Jesus name, amen.


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