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He Was Mine First

1 Samuel 18:12-16

Verse 12 Saul was afraid of David, because the Lord was with David but had departed from Saul.

David has started to understand that things are not going as well as he had thought, having a spear thrown at you multiple times will drive that point firmly home. But David must have been somewhat confused by it all. He was doing what he was being asked to do and as far as he knew the king didn’t know about the anointing of the prophet Samuel when he was still a young boy. He wasn’t doing anything that should anger the king and yet the king is angry.

From Saul’s perspective we see that the king was fearful of David’s growing popularity but was that all that Saul was afraid of? We know from our reading in the last couple of days that Saul was dealing with a troubling spirit that was of the evil variety. The king had been observing this young shepherd and had to notice that he wasn’t bothered by situations as often as the king was. The people were praising the lad, there was something different about David and that was beginning to drive the king further into his angst about his position.

Our key verse today gives us not just a glimpse at the picture of the troubles between the men but states plainly the reason behind Saul’s issues with David. His fear was because David had the Spirit of the Lord upon him and the Spirit had left Saul. Did you catch that? Saul recognized the Spirit of the Lord in David because he had known that Spirit in a personal way before it had departed him due to his disobedience. Saul’s anger of David stems from his anger at God for rejecting him because of his sin.

This is something we are capable of falling into as well. If we are Christians the Spirit of God will never leave us but that doesn’t mean that we don’t quench Him or grieve Him to the point that we are troubled by His silence in our lives. And that can cause us to despise His work in the lives of those around us that are following Him wholeheartedly. We can find ourselves avoiding them because the more we see Him working in them the more the Spirit convicts our hearts of our disobedience.

Saul was fearful of the power of God he could see in David. This power that was giving David peace in the face of a giant of an enemy, the ability to play soothing music and the strength and quickness to avoid a flying spear is the same power that raised Jesus from the grave and the same power which is displayed through God’s obedient children.

Making It Personal

How is your relationship with the Holy Spirit? How do you grieve or quench the Holy Spirit? Does your life stand as a testament of the Holy Spirit ruling your life?

Making It Personal Kids

Who is the Holy Spirit? What does the Holy Spirit do in your life? Do you obey Him?

Closing Prayer

Father, thank You for giving us the Holy Spirit to lead and guide us in the way You desire us to live. Help us to obey You willingly and therefore shine for You to all we meet. In Jesus’ name, amen.


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