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He’s Back!

2 Samuel 12:29-31

Verse 29 So David mustered the entire army and went to Rabbah, and attacked and captured it.

The message from Joab had the desired effect, David got his act together and gathered the troops who weren’t already involved in the battle and headed out to the battle lines to join Joab and the rest of the army already holding the line.

It may have felt good for the king to get back in his armor. It would have been like putting on an old favorite outfit, one that had memories and brought him back to being himself. It would also have been inspiring for David’s men to have their leader back in their midst. He had been with them in so many battles over the years and had likely learned techniques and tactics of war from him. They had been looking up to him for years.

Once there the renowned warrior rallied the forces and was able to take the city the men had been fighting for so long. David defeated the army who had done his dirty work for him in getting rid of Uriah. David was putting the whole incident behind him with this battle. It wasn’t that he would totally forget but it was no longer going to be ruling his life. He was now married to Bathsheba and they had a new son, the memory of the sin wasn’t gone but the pain of it had to be.

David took the golden crown from the Ammonite king’s head. It weighed 75 pounds but David put it on his own head to declare he had indeed removed the former king from his position and was replacing him. The crown also had many gems which added to its weight and glamor but it wasn’t enough for David. He and his men took much plunder from the city but there was more which needed to be done.

Just as he had done in Edom, David knew he needed to ensure continued rule of not just Rabbah but all of the Ammonite cities. The king set about getting everyone from the city into a position of physical labor. It was a servant hood which was a form of grace to the people of the Ammonite nation. David and his men could have gone in and killed everyone no matter their age. It wasn’t just in this town either, he instituted this manual labor to all the Ammonite cities. But after all of that came the reward, they were all able to go home to Jerusalem.

Making It Personal

Do you find it hard to get back into the groove of work after vacation? Why is it necessary for us to be doing what God created us to do? Do you love what you do?

Making It Personal Kids

Is it hard to go back to school after the weekend or a break from school? Did you know Jesus made you for a special purpose? What do you think Jesus may have created you for?

Closing Prayer

Father, it is so important we remember that You have created us for work and that when we are doing what You have called us to do, we will find fulfillment. Father, help us learn to view our work as a blessing instead of a curse. Give us a joy as we serve You in our work. In Jesus’ name, amen.


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