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He Has a Full Plate

Job 36:22-33

Verse 26  How great is God—beyond our understanding!  The number of His years is past finding out.


    We mentioned yesterday how Job could have been so focused on what was now gone from his life that he was missing what God could have been doing in his life at that very moment.  Elihu understood that and continued his speech to point out how God is working in many ways we can’t see because we are too busy with what we can see.


    The truth is there are things God is working on which are bigger than us.  It may sound like an obvious observation yet we are all guilty at some point of being so focused on our own lives we think He should be more focused on us too.  It’s the truth, isn’t it?  We can become so wrapped up with what is going on in our lives we act as if He doesn’t have anything better to do than fix what we see as wrong with our lives.


    Elihu may have been younger than the others but he seemed to be able to see a bigger picture than the rest of the men could.  Instead of focusing on all the ways God could be bettering Job’s life, the younger man was taking the time to show some of the things which were needing God’s expertise other than Job’s life.  He pointed out how God was the greatest teacher.  Somethings in life are about what God is wanting to teach us about Himself and His purpose.


    Elihu asked the older man if anyone had to tell God what to do.  That is what we are doing when we try to tell Him how He needs to fix our lives.  We think we know more than He does and how it should be done.  By telling Him we think it needs to be done a different way shows we think He is wrong.  We may not think of it that way but it is what we are telling Him.


    God is also busy with the care of His creation.  While we can use water from the newest water source to water the various plants He has placed on the earth, only God knows when they need it and exactly how much is needed.  While Job and his friends were older they were nowhere close to being as old as God was.  No one has the right to tell God He doesn’t know what He is doing because they have more experience than He does.


Making It Personal

    Does your prayer life sound like you think God has nothing better to do than fix your life?  How many of your prayers are for yourself?  Who needs your prayers today for God to work in their life?


Making It Personal Kids

    Do you pray more for yourself or other people who need prayer?  Who does Jesus want you to pray for?  Are you willing to pray for others to get things you may not get?


Closing Prayer

    Father, thank You for caring for things which bless the masses and not just ourselves.  Help us know when we are praying selfishly and give us hearts to know what we should be praying for.  In Jesus’ name, amen.


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