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Hating the Little Guy

1 Samuel 17:42-44

Verse 42 He looked David over and saw that he was little more than a boy, glowing with health and handsome, and he despised him.

We have all likely heard the phrase, “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.” While these words are common they are far from true and most of us know that from experience. Words can raise our spirits but can also break our spirit. While Goliath’s size was quite intimidating, his words were not something that would break David’s spirit.

The Philistine giant had been coming out and taunting the Israelite army for 40 days and this was the first time that he has seen someone taking him up on his offer to fight. But the giant looks down and is disappointed by what he sees. A boy. They were really going to sacrifice a child because they were afraid of him? And they didn’t even give the kid any protection. A stick and that wimpy looking strap? What did they think that was going to do against him and his spear?

Goliath can’t keep it in any longer and starts taunting the boy. “Do I look like a dog that wants to play with sticks?” The champion then starts cursing at the boy using the names of the Philistine gods. The Philistines actually had 4 gods/goddesses that they worshiped which included Baal, Astarte, Asherah, and Dagon. But no matter how much he cursed David using those names, it only made David want to defend the name of the God of Heaven.

Then the giant took it to the next level of talking smack, he basically says, “Come here, you little punk and I will make mincemeat out of you.” He tries to freak out the young future king by telling him what could happen to his body when the giant killed him, but David wasn’t deterred because he understood that he could only kill the body.

There come times in life when we face someone attacking us with words. Sometimes it is because of our faith in God and we have a choice to make. Do we run away like the majority of the Israelite soldiers or do we respond, not in our own defense but in His?

Making It Personal

When have you faced a verbal attack for being a Christian? How did you respond? Do you want to respond differently in the future?

Making It Personal Kids

Have you ever been made fun of because of loving Jesus? How did you respond? Was that the way Jesus wanted you to respond?

Closing Prayer

Father, we confess that we haven’t always taken Your name as seriously as we should have. Help us to know when we should willingly take insults because of Your name. Help us be willing to defend You and Your name at all costs. In Jesus’ name, amen.


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