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Faulty Life-Goals?

Copyright by Freedom in Christ, used with permission.

We learned this week about how, if our life-goals are not in line with God’s goals for us, we can experience anger (from blocked goals), anxiety (from uncertain goals) and depression (from goals that seem impossible).

Any life-goal God has for us is – by definition – not one that will be able to be blocked by other people, or by circumstances that we have no right or ability to control. Goals such as rising up the career ladder at work, or having a baby, or buying a house, or opening an orphanage, or having a close group of friends... can all be derailed by people and circumstances. They are not necessarily bad things, and it’s fine to work towards them, but if you make them into life-goals (things that you base your sense of significance on) it is likely to have a negative impact on your emotional health.

Has God brought to your attention this week any life-goals that are not in line with His?

Adjusting our life-goals to bring them into line with God’s goals for us can make an enormous difference to our emotional health and to our growth and fruitfulness as disciples of Jesus.


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