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Family Belt

Ephesians 4:25

Verse 25  Therefore each of you must put off falsehood and speak truthfully to your neighbor, for we are all members of one body.


    Having the understanding of the importance of truth for God’s people we look at what Paul found to be the next step.  To understand what Paul was getting at we need to remember one of the most important things about our armor, it isn’t to make us an army of one.


    One of Paul’s main objectives in this letter to his friends in Ephesus was to point out the necessity of being a body of believers.  While there are personal obligations in a group there are also things the group needs to tend to as one body.  Just as an army has many members, each with their own role, the Church has responsibilities to God and each other.


    Part of this responsibility to each other includes honesty.  As we talked about yesterday, how people view us has some to do with their ability to trust us because of our speaking and acting truth.  How much more so then for a Church to be known as people of truth.  This truth can’t just be about not telling lies or skirting around the issue, this is about the truth of the Gospel.  What our speaking and living of the truth says reflects solely on Christ.


    Paul points out in our verse for the day that we are to put off all falsehood.  We can’t put on the belt of truth if we are still wearing the garments of falsehoods.  But notice the next phrase, “to your neighbor” which is Paul’s way of saying this isn’t just about putting off a godless trait and on a Godly trait, it is about who it will affect.  An army going to war doesn’t go to defend only the soldiers on the battlefield, they are fighting for all the people they represent.


    Sometimes we become so consumed with making a name or image for ourselves that we forget we were created for more.  Our purpose on earth isn’t about us but about the Lord and His people.  We need to see our living and speaking truth as a foundation for us to build the Church on.  When we are living in truth with each other we are allowing the truth of Christ to be a living example to those around us.


Making It Personal

    How has someone’s lack of honesty had an effect on your life?  Have you ever had dishonesty in your life which caused issues for someone else?  What do you need to be honest about today?


Making It Personal Kids

    Has someone ever lied and you got hurt because of their lie?  Have you ever lied where it caused someone else to get in trouble?  What do you need to be honest about today?


Closing Prayer

    Father, thank You for this reminder of how what we do affects others.  Teach us what it means to live in truth and help us always walk in it.  In Jesus’ name, amen.


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