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Extra Special Celebration

Joshua 5:1-12

Verse 11  The day after the Passover, that very day, they ate some of the produce of the land: unleavened bread and roasted grain.


    It had been 40 years since the first Passover and God’s people had just crossed into the Promised Land.  This must have been a time of great excitement and yet there may have been a little bit of anxiety of the unknown.  They may have heard the fear of their ancestors which had led to the extended time in the wilderness.  Giants and mighty men inhabiting the land God had told them to take over.


    We know God had told His people they weren’t allowed to celebrate the Passover with anyone who was not circumcised so there is a possibility those who were born in the wilderness had never observed the Passover.  Joshua and Caleb were the only males over the age of twenty at the time of God’s punishment who survived the time of wandering.  There were many men who were being circumcised as they began in this new land.


    The Lord saw this obedience of circumcision and knew His people had repented of their distrust of Him to do what He had said.  Because of what He saw He told the people, His people, He was taking away the reproach of Egypt.  The Israelites began their time in Egypt as a way for God to save their lives but by the time they left they had lost their understanding of what God wanted for His people.


    Now that they were circumcised they were ready to celebrate the Passover.  This Passover was going to be special for the people.  They were finally seeing what God had brought their parents and grandparents out of Egypt for.  They were at the beginning of realizing what Abraham had been promised so many generations before.  God had delivered them during the first Passover and this would be their first time celebrating in the place He had taken them to.


    After the initial day of Passover they were able to able to enjoy some of the food of their new home.  After so many years of eating manna day after day for every meal they were now truly celebrating.  The fresh roasted grain must have tasted like such a treat.  Some of these people hadn’t eaten much other than manna in their entire life, anything would have tasted like a treat.  This was a celebration like no other.


Making It Personal

    Has there ever been a time when a holiday felt extra special because of something God had done in your life?  When have you felt like God was fulfilling a promise?  Is there something you need to repent of so you can celebrate Him fully?


Making It Personal Kids

    What is your favorite holiday memory?  Why is that memory so special?  What new memories do you want to make with Jesus?


Closing Prayer

    Father, there are so many examples of You keeping Your word and blessing Your people.  Give us hearts which are obedient and desire Your ways above our own.  In Jesus’ name, amen.


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