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Drawing Close

Psalm 119:145-152 Verse 151 Yet you are near, Lord, and all your commands are true. As we talked about yesterday, when we truly love God we draw near to Him and share Him with everyone we come into contact with. But we need to remember that our focus still needs to be solely on Him. A significant portion of our abiding life must be about drawing closer to God. This comes through intentional time in the Word and prayer. To be intentional about something we need to believe in it. That is what the psalmist is talking about in today's key verse. The closing statement in this verse gives us one of the writer's motivations. He knows he should meditate and dwell in the Word because God's commands are true. This should be something that drives us closer to God too. Most of us have had friendships go sour when trust is broken due to a lie. Without the truth a relationship can't go deeper and that stands true in our relationship with God too. But we know He is always true because as Jesus said, He is truth. This verse speaks of an intimate relationship with God and should spark a desire in us for the same. Knowing His commands are true and that He is near brings great peace to the heart of His children. This is the joy of abiding in Him. Making It Personal What does knowing His commands are true mean to you? Would you consider yourself close to Him? What truth has He taught you lately? Making It Personal Kids Does Jesus ever lie? Can we trust everything He says? Do you feel close to Him because you know He always tells the truth? Closing Prayer Father, thank You for being truth. Help us draw near to You more every day. In Jesus' name, amen.

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