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Zealous Love

Psalm 119:137-144 Verse 139 My zeal wears me out, for my enemies ignore your words. Yesterday we talked about grieving our sins but what is the result of that grief? In our key verse the psalmist talks about his zeal. Zeal is a word that wouldn't be used to describe most walks of faith in the world today. Most of our faith journeys are lackluster at best. We have zeal for other things like our favorite sports teams or for our children and the goals we have for them. We may even have zeal for our jobs but when it comes to our walk with God, well there just doesn't seem to be time and energy left for it. It has been said that we can tell what is most important to us by paying attention to where we spend our time and energy. It is just a guess but it seems many of us could be finding out just how unimportant God and His Word are in our lives. A deeper look into this key verse shows that true zeal for God and His Word doesn't stop at giving Him more of our time and energy. The psalmist says that his zeal wears him out, but not because he is striving so hard in his own walk with God. What wears him out is the fact his enemies ignore God. His zeal is great for God that he is even hoping that his enemies will come to love God and His Word. The psalmist's zeal should inspire us. Our love for God and His Word should be so important in our lives that we want those around us to seek Him too. Even those we consider our enemies. Making It Personal What is your level of zeal for God? Do you have zeal for your friends knowing God and His Word? How about your enemies? Making It Personal Kids How much excitement do you have about Jesus? Do you have excitement about sharing Jesus with your friends? Do you love Jesus enough to share Him with those who aren't nice to you? Closing Prayer Father, thank You for the encouragement to want to know You more. Please help us grow in our zeal for you so that we want to share You with everyone we meet. In Jesus' name, amen.

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