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David to the Rescue

1 Samuel 30:9-12

Verse 9 David and the six hundred men with him came to the Besor Valley, where some stayed behind.

Having been given the go ahead by the Lord, David and his 600 men take off in search of their wives and children. They reached the Besor Valley which likely had a brook that would take the seasonal rains to the Mediterranean Sea. The fact that some of the men are too tired to cross over may mean that this event happened during the latter rains which came in January through April making it more treacherous to cross. The valley was about 13 miles south of Ziklag which could also account for the tired men. We need to remember that they had started their journey in Gath which was a bit north of Ziklag.

There is no way of knowing the age of David’s men but we do know that some of them were older than he was. His brothers were among his men and they would have been older and it is likely that they brought some of their friends with them. The fact that 200 of the men are too tired to cross the valley just means that some of the men were tired, nothing more. We all get tired sometimes.

With 200 hundred men staying behind, David continues with the other 400 and find an Egyptian in a field. The fact they had to bring the man to David tells us a few things which are important to remember. 400 men would have covered quite an amount of real estate. They weren’t walking single file and so they would have been like human broom going through this field which helped them find this man.

The man was weak because he had been sick three days earlier and left for dead and only by God sending David and his men along at this time were they able to give him the nourishment that saved his life. God had spared this man and he would have been very thankful for that. It gave David and his men an opportunity to show the Egyptian there was more to them than being angry warriors. These men cared about him more than the men who owned him.

It also reveals God’s heart in David. They were on a mission, a very personal mission. Their hearts were filled with anguish and grief and yet David sees a man that needs help and instead of leaving him for dead, he stops and they give him from their food and water to revive him and God was going to use him to revive them too.

Making It Personal

Have you ever had a change of plans that allowed you to help someone in need? Have you ever been the person who someone changed their plans to help? How willing are you to help others?

Making It Personal Kids

Have you ever gone out of your way to help someone who needed it? Has anyone ever done that for you? Who do you think you can help today?

Closing Prayer

Father, thank You for guiding us in life and bringing us opportunities to show Your love to others. Help us see where there is a need and desire to help to show Your love. In Jesus’ name, amen.


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