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Created with Purpose

Genesis 1:1-31

Verse 1  In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.


    New beginnings.  A new year gives us the opportunity for changes we have been wanting to make in our lives.  Some make resolutions or promises to themselves that they will eat better, get more exercise, be tidier, finally organize the catch all drawer or closest, read the Bible daily, memorize Scripture and dozens of other goals we think will make us a better person, but will they really?  We become so consumed about being what we think we should be in the world but do we ask ourselves what God is wanting to do in us?


    Before creating the world and heavens, God made the decision to do so.  He wanted to make something beautiful and to fill it with more creativity than we could ever imagine.  He also chose to create humans which would be capable of having a relationship with Him.  To form the world, the various plants and the stars.  From the nothingness of space and water He made a place for His creation to live.


    When it came time to place a human in the space He had created He chose not to speak him into being but instead took the time to gather from what He had already created and formed the man from it, breathing into him the breath of life.  The Godhead took the time and effort to create man in Their image.  God wasn’t concerned about making the human look like a clone of the Deity but was more concerned about creating a spiritual aspect of him.


    To make him in Their image the man would need to have the capability of thinking in a more complex way.  Unlike the majority of the mammals, God saw it important for man to be able to reason, to think and problem solve.  He also needed to not be completely physical.  To have true relationship with the Godhead it was necessary the human be created with a spiritual aspect.


    It was this spiritual facet of humanity which caused the man and woman to fall into sin.  It is the spiritual portion of our beings which the enemy is fighting for.  While the Godhead created us for relationship with Himself, we are the target of the enemy’s desire to rule and being God’s special creation the one the enemy wants to destroy.  But God isn’t letting His special creation out of His grasp and He is constantly in pursuit of His chosen creation to make them new, breaking their relationship with sin.


Making It Personal

    Is there something about God’s creating you which makes you stop and think about how you live?  What decisions about how you live should be looked at through a Godly spiritual view?  What do you want to see changed in your spiritual life?


Making It Personal Kids

    Why is it important to know that you were created by God?  Do you like how He created you?  Are there ways you wish He had created you differently?


Closing Prayer

    Father, thank You for creating us to be in relationship with You.  Give us hearts which desire to be all You want us to be.  In Jesus’ name, amen.


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