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Covert Operations

2 Samuel 15:32-37

Verse 37 So Hushai, David’s confidant, arrived at Jerusalem as Absalom was entering the city.

As we mentioned yesterday, though David was trusting God he was still curious about what was going to happen and wasn’t going to just sit by and wait to see what God was doing. He knew God would do what He must but he also knew if he as king did nothing, things could be even worse than if he was staying on top of what his son was up to.

With that understanding in mind, David takes his dear confidant aside and tells him to go back and be a spy in the palace. David would have had no true knowledge this would work as his son was like a loose cannon at this point and David hadn’t even known him well enough to know he would try something like a take-over. David needed an inside man to give him the tactical details he needed and to make Absalom question the advice he was getting from the traitor, Ahithophel.

Hushai had served as an official for David for some time. We don’t know why David would say this man would be a burden. Maybe it was an age issue or maybe it was that David felt this was the only one he could truly trust to help him in this particular way. No matter the reason Hushai seems willing to do the king’s bidding and willingly goes back to Jerusalem.

David doesn’t send his man back without giving him a reminder he won’t be alone. While many were changing and throwing their allegiance to Absalom, the priests were still giving their honor to David. The king was giving Hushai this assurance he wouldn’t be alone in the city. In fact the king was proposing using the priest’s sons as runners for information.

Hushai made his way back across the Kidron Valley and as he gets back into Jerusalem he hears the commotion of another entrance happening at the same time. Absalom was entering with his entourage. David had gotten out of time just in time. The atmosphere would start to shift in the capital city. There would be tension between supporters of David and supporters of Absalom. The next few days would be interesting as Absalom and his followers settled in. And for Hushai and the priests, the work was just beginning.

Making It Personal

Who are the people in your life who you trust to be your confidants? What do you expect of your confidants? Can others trust you to be their confidant?

Making It Personal Kids

Who do you trust the most with your secrets? Are they good at keeping secrets? How are you at keeping your friend’s secrets?

Closing Prayer

Father, we all need those we can trust to give us wisdom and who will hold the secrets of our hearts. Help us to be in turn that kind of friend to those we are close to. In Jesus’ name, amen.


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