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Community Strengthened Faith

Luke 5:17-26

Verse 20  When Jesus saw their faith, he said, “Friend, your sins are forgiven.”


    We have talked about the various ways faith is shown by our choices but what about times when our faith just doesn’t seem to be enough?  In our story today we see a group of friends who know their paralyzed friend doesn’t have the ability to act on his faith.  Instead of feeling sorry for him, they act on their own faith to take him to Jesus.


    The men must have had a great friendship.  We don’t know many details of these men’s lives but we know enough to make a rough sketch of this scene.  They had heard of this man named Jesus who was going around teaching and who had been known to do some miraculous things.  They must have talked among themselves about what they had been hearing about Jesus.  These discussions may have also included speculating about who He really was.


    God had been quiet for over four hundred years and so their only knowledge of the power of God had been what they heard in the stories they listened to since they were children.  They had heard of unbelievable things being done by God to help out His people.  He had rescued them and provided for their needs in so many times and ways.  But that was in the past, wasn’t it?  Could this man who was performing these miracles be the One God had promised many years ago?  The One who would do great signs and wonders?


    It was their understanding of God which would have driven their faith in Jesus and His ability to heal their friend.  They knew they needed to act.  They went over to their paralyzed friend’s house so they could present the plan to him.  They knew where Jesus was teaching that day and they had a plan.  Though the original plan may not have included tearing apart a roof to lower him down, these men had a mission to have their friend healed by Jesus and they weren’t going to let anything keep them from it, even a crowded home.


    Jesus used their faith to show the religious leaders He had the power to not only heal but also forgive sins.  The paralyzed man may have had the faith for Jesus to heal him but couldn’t act without his friends and their faith.  We have many opportunities in life to use our faith in Christ and His power to help others put feet to their faith.  In this way we can be a blessing and be blessed at the same time.


Making It Personal

    What would it look like to use your faith to help someone else use theirs?  Have you ever used your faith in God that way?  Who may be needing your encouragement in faith today?


Making It Personal Kids

    How can you help another person have faith in Jesus?  Do you need someone to help you with your faith?  Who could use your help?


Closing Prayer

    Father, thank You for putting us in communities of faith where we can lean on and learn from others.  Strengthen our faith through our relationships with other believers so our faith in You shines for the world to see.  Help us reveal You to others.  In Jesus’ name, amen.


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