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As Soiled Wedding Clothes

James 4:4-6

Verse 5 Or do you think Scripture says without reason that He jealously longs for the spirit He has caused to dwell in us?

Yesterday we talked about how we have committed spiritual adultery against the God of heaven Whom we claim as Lord. But is it just about His jealousy?

Is there any reason that God shouldn’t be jealous of His chosen people? He has not just created us but has sent His only true Son to die for our sins. He also has sent His Spirit to dwell in us. James knew this indwelling of His Spirit is an important thing for us to remember. If we have His Spirit in us then we have no reason to assume that God wouldn’t notice or care if we were not living wholly for Him.

Just as oil and water don’t mix, sin and holiness can’t coexist. To think that we can have the Holy being of Heaven living in our lives and yet can live as if He doesn’t matter to us is pure foolishness. Because no matter if we are willing to admit it or not if we are not living solely devoted to God and His ways, we are living in opposition to Him.

The Old Testament talks often of God’s jealousy for His people. To be jealous for us speaks highly of His love for us. He knows our needs and knows our frailties. He showed through the prophets how His jealousy for His people resembled that of a groom for his bride. No loving groom would willingly allow his bride to drag her beautiful gown through the mud. Nor would he desire to show her off to the world in a soiled dress. He would want to see her showing the beauty he knew she possessed. So it is with God of His people.

This jealousy of God is partly about His desire to show us off to the world as His beautiful bride. But it is also about His name being marred. Just as someone making a bad name for us by misrepresenting our names makes us upset it mars God’s name when we claim to be His and yet live as if we have never met Him. We are running His name through the mud by living as the world while saying we are His. This is the reason He is jealous for us. He doesn’t want to share us with the world. His desire is for us alone and He desires the same from us.

Making It Personal

How much does the Spirit have to compete for your attention? How much do you fight surrendering to His desires? Are you intentional about your relationship with God?

Making It Personal Kids

How important does Jesus want to be in your life? Do you think it is important to always want to obey Jesus? What do you need to do today to prove Jesus is the most important person to you?

Closing Prayer

Father, we are convicted of all the times that we mar Your name by living in the soil of sin. Please guide us into a deeper life with You so we can be found living a holy life that well represents You. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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