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Breathing Life

Job 33:1-4

Verse 3  My words come from an upright heart; my lips sincerely speak what I know.


    Today’s passage begins with young Elihu telling Job how he needs to sit back and listen.  The older man’s time for speaking had come to an end and now he needed to pay attention to something besides his own thinking.  The young man seemed to be gaining more courage as he continued with his speech and he wasn’t afraid to speak boldly and stand for truth.


    Elihu’s next words show he knew the speech he was about to give was going to hit hard and may not come off with the grace and elegance others may have given to the situation.  We have to remember that these words weren’t coming after the suffering had ended.  This speech likely took place while Job and his wife were still hurting from their loss.  Job was still dealing with the painful sores all over his body.  And if all that wasn’t enough, Job was dealing with insults from his friends and wife.


    Elihu continued his preamble with what he saw as the state of his heart.  He wanted Job to know he wasn’t speaking from a place of pride or anything of the like, his words were coming from a heart which he had been kept clean.  He was showing Job he knew what it meant to live righteously and it was his living righteously which gave him the view of the situation that he had.


    Job’s young friend also said how he was speaking sincerely.  This may seem insignificant but it was very important.  It doesn’t matter how much truth we speak if we are not sincere in our sharing the truth.  When we see things clearly and from a heart of wisdom it can be easy to speak from a place of pride because we know something they don’t know, but when we speak from a sincere and loving heart we can reveal the God of heaven like no other person can.


    Elihu was specific about what he was going to speak sincerely about and it had to do with what he knew.  What this young man knew more than anything else was who God was and still is.  God is the Almighty.  Life comes from His Spirit and it is the Almighty which gives us breath.  Did you notice that?  Life comes from Him, it doesn’t say “all good life” or “the good times” come from Him, Elihu knew God was the only giver of life.  God was working in Job’s life even when he wasn’t wanting to see it.


Making It Personal

    Have you thought only the good things in life came from God?  What has He given you through the hard times in life?  How could He be wanting to use the situations in your life right now?


Making It Personal Kids

    Why would Jesus allow bad things in your life?  What can He teach you while you go through bad things?  Is He trying to teach you things right now?


Closing Prayer

    Father, thank You for the loving care You are always taking with our lives.  Help us remember all our days are in Your hands and we can know You are working all things out for our good.  In Jesus’ name, amen.

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