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Born to Die

Matthew 1:18-23

Verse 21 “She will give birth to a son, and you are to give Him the name Jesus, because He will save His people from their sins.”

Today we embark on a journey into one of the more important portions of the Church calendar. Lent gives us an opportunity to spend some intentional time for looking at Jesus. Who He is, why He came and what does His coming mean for us. God never does something without it having purpose and His purpose always ties into His greater purpose. Eternity past through the present into eternity future, God is weaving a thread of redemption that will result with our being with Him forever.

While this story was already set in motion before the world was even created there was a crucial part in the plan which brings us to this time of reflection, a time when we look closer at the One who fulfilled the redemption plan. Christmas is a favorite time of year for many but Christmas would mean nothing if it weren’t for this time of Lent and Easter.

When Jesus came as a baby it fulfilled many prophecies but those were just a fraction of the prophecies given about Him. From as early as God talking to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden the prophecies started piling up. They weren’t all big, well known prophecies and some of them are missed by the Jewish people who deny His being the Messiah, but God faithfully laid out His plan for all to see.

Knowing Jesus and knowing His mission may not be the same thing. The Jewish people of Jesus’ time knew Him, may even have heard His teachings, and yet did not believe in Him. They would agree that He was better than some men but since He didn’t keep all their laws as they thought they should be kept, they discounted His ability to be the Promised One.

This is part of what we want to do with this study through lent. We want to makes sure we are seeing Jesus for who He truly is and that He indeed is the long promised redeemer. There are many places in the Bible that He is clearly promised and there are other places where He is just hinted strongly about, but no matter the way He was being foretold, He has or will fulfill them all. He came to save of us from our sins, this is the reason we need to know Him and His purpose in coming, because we are the reason He came.

Making It Personal

Have you ever used Lent as a time of seeking Him in a deeper way? How does Jesus’ coming to die affect your thinking and living? Who is Jesus to you?

Making It Personal Kids

Why did Jesus come to earth? Who did He come to die for? How important is it for you to get to know Jesus better?

Closing Prayer

Father, we praise You for Your plan of redemption. Use these days of lent to help us see Your promises and seek a deeper relationship with You. Help us grow in You, Father. In Jesus’ name, amen.


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