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Being Aware Of How Much We Have Been Forgiven

Copyright by Freedom in Christ, used with permission.

Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you. Ephesians 4:32

Forgiving people who have hurt us is really tough. The best place to start is by reflecting on just how much we have been forgiven: that is where our ability to forgive others springs from.

It is easy to go through life thinking (subconsciously perhaps) that we are not that bad after all, and haven’t done anything too terrible. But actually, when we take a good look at ourselves, we become aware that we can't even measure up to the standards we set for ourselves, let alone those of a completely holy, perfect, sinless God.

The truth is that, no matter how “good” you feel you have been, without Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross we would all stand condemned. Those who realize how much they have been forgiven find it the easiest to forgive others.

If you find yourself struggling to make the choice to forgive someone when you come to The Steps To Freedom In Christ, spend some time thinking about how much you have been forgiven and the extraordinary thing Jesus did on the cross to ensure that you are free from all condemnation (Romans 8:1).

You may feel that someone doesn’t deserve your forgiveness. And they probably don’t. But neither did you deserve God’s forgiveness! A real heart-based knowledge of His undeserved mercy and amazing grace are what will enable you to forgive from the heart.


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