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A Sad Country Song

2 Samuel 1:17-27

Verse 18 …and he ordered that the people of Judah be taught this lament of the bow (it is written in the Book of Jashar):

With the Amalekite dead, David could fully devote his attention to grief. How is must have torn his heart in two to think about Saul and Jonathan being gone. And David, being the man that he is, did the thing which seemed most natural to him in dealing with overwhelming emotion, write a song.

This song wasn’t just written to soothe David’s hurting heart, it was a psalm to be used by all the people of Judah. David knew the people of God needed to mourn their king. They had never gone through this before, Saul was their first mortal king, a king they had begged for so they could be like the other nations. With a human king they had set themselves up to face the same grief that other nations dealt with. The people were so jealous of the other nations that they didn’t give thought to what price they may have to pay. They were happy to have a king they could see and show off to the neighboring people groups but they were being short-sighted.

This song shows the depth of the love David felt for the king and respect for the position he held as king but it goes beyond that and is purposely written to help the entire nation feel like they are a part of the grieving. He also points out who not to tell as they have no right to mourn for them. He starts by saying not to tell the people of Gath. These would be the same people who had told David and his men were not welcome on this battle front and sent them back to Ziklag and then went on themselves and killed Saul and Jonathan.

David didn’t want to ungodly rejoicing over the murder of God’s anointed but he wanted to make sure that the people of Israel were seeing the amount of loss their nation was now suffering. They had lost in battle, yes, but that was nothing in light of their losing the king and his sons. They would no longer have the large man to look up to. The one who had made them feel like a real nation was proven as just as vulnerable as the next guy.

Then there was the loss of Jonathan. This pain was deeper than David could express. Though not romantic in nature, David cared deeper for his friend than he did his wives. Jonathan was someone he knew he could trust with his very life, someone that would have his back no matter what. But not now. He was gone. David had lost the one he felt safest with.

Making It Personal

Have you ever lost someone you trusted more than others? Do others feel like you are that kind of friend? Who needs you to be that kind of friend today?

Making It Personal Kids

Who is your best friend? Why are they your best friend? Are you the kind of friend they can trust?

Closing Prayer

Father, thank You for creating us with emotions so that we can enjoy the deepest of relationships even when it hurts. Help us learn to be the trustworthy friends You have called us to be. In Jesus; name, amen.


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